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Software label: Spoonwep2 Crypto

Spoonwep2 6 file is a pjweb wireless network password tools, can provide users with professional testing tools and hacking software, so you can have more good use of the software function. A friend in need as soon as possible to Green Resources Network Download experience!

Spoonwep2 Chinese package official download free basic introduction

Special module spoonwep2 WEP wireless network password cracking tool BT3

The full name of BT3 is about Back Track 3, is a very famous hacker attack platform circle, and it is a good package Linux operating system, built a large number of network security detection tools and hacking software etc..

 Spoonwep2 Chinese package

BT3 is famous for the convenience of the wireless network can break, which will be built in spoonwep is a very powerful graphical crack WEP wireless network password tool.

Spoonwep2 is on the basis of the original version of the update, users can be more convenient for wireless networks scanning Capture, or into the bag, to crack the password.

There are a lot of WEP password cracking in BT3 tutorial on the Internet, are used spoonwep2 as example.

In BT3, the default installed spoonwep, so quickly upgrade Now, get free time to do the wrong version rather baffling.


.abu. comment

BT3 is the best wireless password can crack easily, spoonwep2 is the most important part of it, can be compressed to spoonwep2.lzm following decompression to the /BT3/modules/ package.

Have any questions you can go to the group or forum asked, many brothers are very familiar with BT3.

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The 1 floor Hubei, Wuhan telecom users guests Published: 2014/8/23 12:09:34
The password is cracked, the professional tool, this is good

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