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Software introduction

Software label: Fast pressure Kuaizip

Fast pressure (kuaizip) is a free, convenient and quick compress And decompress tool, have a first-class compression technology, is the first independent software compression format. Fast compression format KZ itself has a large compression ratio and fast Compression decompression Speed. At the same time, fast pressure is also compatible with RAR, ZIP and 7Z etc. more than 40 kinds of compressed files.

Fast pressure characteristics

Efficient compression and decompression function
All Compression software The basic function, with super fast pressure compression ratio of the KZ format, will achieve the ultimate compression and decompression
Support compression format plug-ins, free expansion upgrade
A software can fix most of the common compression format, even can independently support CD image file, and can be upgraded through the expansion of free plug-in format.
Convenient file transfer of the multi volume compression function
Files will be compressed into a plurality of small files, the file cutter is equivalent to a small, large file transfer necessary
Ready to clean history, the protection of privacy
Easy to record and remove all the compression and decompression of the file history, can be a key to cleaning up

To update the content:
1, increase software products recommended.
2, increase the calculation of the target disk space left installation function, to ensure the normal installation.
3, solve the connection cannot be saved mount format setting problem.
4, solve the compression and send Email, compressed package name with path problem received.

Software screenshot

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The second floor of the guest users Published: 2015/3/6 15:30:12
This software is very good

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First, Shanxi Jinzhong telecom users guests Published: 2014/9/23 18:11:23
Other do not say, or fast speed awesome

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