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The latest official version of the 2019 video Tencent v10.12.2789.0 official version Tencent official download video player | The latest official version of the 2019 video Tencent The score: 8

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Software introduction

Video Tencent Download computer version 2019 The original QQLive, built by Tencent Inc official Video player Support, watch the local TV station, in support of the demand function, popular movies, television, animation and other resources, as you watch on demand. Quickly download experience!

Tencent introduced video player

Tencent is a Tencent's video player, video client products, support rich content online on-demand and live television, video management, service function to provide a list of the volume, color quality adjustment and other more powerful. Using the advanced P2P streaming media technology, can ensure the program while viewing a large number of users in the case, the show is still clear and smooth; also has the very strong firewall Penetrating ability, provide a strong guarantee for users to watch smooth in any network environment for video.

 Download video Tencent

Tencent 2019 video function

1. supported by channel recommendation, watch history, join, search function to quickly find the video to see.

2. support online watch, watch video offline caching.

3. online watch the concert live, interactive, send props.

4. support DLNA, AirPlay investment to watch tv.

5. support WeChat QQ login, video Tencent.

The opening of the 6. video Tencent VIP members enjoy blockbuster cinema.

In the 7. film and television, Rice and vegetable roll Share video pictures, Graffiti , Small video .

8. to build my theater, personalized recommendation area.

Tencent 2019 video player function

Rich content

Covering all the movies and TV series, variety, animation, documentary classification, the latest hot in the best of them


In HD, give you a cinematic audio-visual enjoyment, offers a variety of definition to adapt to different network switching

Smooth playback

Using the most advanced P2P download engine, to provide network adaptive function

Interactive sharing

Love video to share a key space, micro-blog Wonderful, live chat while watching the interaction unlimited

Booking reminder

The live broadcast, video series booking, booking through QQTips reminder, not to be missed


The volume of 10 times, automatically skip the credits, the TVB content of mandarin cantonese seamless handover

How online video on demand video Tencent?

Tencent video player video library page, provides a large number of high-definition movies and TV drama, variety, animation and video, which can see. Open the Tencent video player, there is a page recommendation Multi point Broadcast programs, and in order to find users more convenient, on-demand video content are in accordance with the classification lists, following the red box in which content can be see.

 Tencent video player

1. recommendation: recommended program, click on the page of the popular TV recommendation may enter the video album page.

(1) on the album cover map, you can play all the video content of the album.

(2) click the "play all" button, can play all the video content of the album.

(3) a video directly click on the album, from this video has been down according to the order of play.

(4) also can view the album's introduction and review information.

 2018 video Tencent

2. classification information of each category: click on the button, enter the appropriate types of film list page, then select your love show.

 Video download and install 2018 Tencent

Update log

V10.4.856.0 update:

1. players outside the station optimization, experience more smooth.

2. optimization offline download, save storage space.

3. Blu ray quality optimization, client exclusive.

4. optimization playing buffer memory.

Software screenshot

Download address

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