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QQ games hall 2017 official version of the v6.8.17 version of the official website of Android QQ mobile phone version of the official download | game hall QQ games hall official version 2017 The score: 8

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Mobile Games introduction

QQ Game App Tencent is the official launch of the convergence of super hot and classic gameplay Mobile Games platform , both characteristics of chess, casual puzzle, online PK, or a wonderful game, fun activities should be only one billion and three hundred million people, is playing the game of choice, Green Resources Network Welcome to download the latest version of the official experience!

QQ The game hall The official website

QQ game, the Tencent launched an online Casual games Platform. You can use QQ direct landing QQ games, not solely for the game account, while chatting with friends on QQ play. QQ games hall in 60 popular casual games, including a variety of live video games, especially the creation of photos show room area, support Video Tencent Authentication。

 QQ mobile phone version of the game

QQ mobile phone game hall version highlights

[welfare] high-end activities

Exciting events, a variety of benefits package, massive prizes, get soft!

[local] mahjong

Convergence Mahjong , Wuhan mahjong , Harbin mahjong The local mahjong, give you the most familiar, most home game experience!

[QQ] game features

To streamline the application installation package, chess playing mahjong game is pure, every day, always get a reward, a game whenever and wherever possible!

[classic card poker]

aggregate Fight against landlords , upgrade A large, Shuangkou, A, etc. all kinds of classic Dezhou poker poker games, fun game non-stop brilliant!

QQ game game recommendation

1, card games

Happy landlords, Four landlords , upgrade, shuangkou, Big Two Dead, three-on-one The Red Cross, and royalist, Digging Etc..

2, mahjong game

Mahjong, Joy mahjong QQ, Sichuan mahjong, mahjong, mahjong Wuhan, Hangzhou mahjong , Changsha mahjong , Guangdong mahjong Etc..

 QQ game version of Android

3, strategy

The flames of the Warring States, the Three Kingdoms, the fantasy of the city backyard, For your And the silk road hero, Dynasty PA domain etc..

4, simulation of operation

Rose Town, Xinyu, cake QQ Paradise Island, modern city.

5, Board role-playing games

Hero Kill Thousands of intelligent wind etc..

6, develop

Q pet big Ledou, Baby Park, white war etc.

7, chess game

Siguo, China Xiangqi The new China chess, Flight chess QQ Checkers Backgammon, chess, etc..

8, leisure Sports games

QQ, Russia lightning rush, Beauty finding fault , Lianliankan, Mstching, QQ pearl, pocket large operations, 2D snooker, gold digging game.

9, role play

Developer: Tencent

Mobile Games.

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