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Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 official version for free Powerpoint2003 download | Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 The score: 8

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Pow ERP Oint2003 official version for free Is a simple to use, and completely free DVD slideshow GUI , speech The presentation of professional players, launched by Microsoft Corp official, on the market a lot of PPT2003 can not be used, the need for friends, hurry to download it green resources network!

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PPT2003 MicrosoftPowerPoint is the presentation of the player. This software can play a PowerPoint presentation in MicrosoftPowerPoint is not installed on the system, in order to move.

This software can play the PPT file system MS-PowerPoint97~2003. This software can only run on Windows98SE or Windows operating system.

PPT2003 also supports open password protected Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. You can view and print the presentation in PowerPoint Viewer, but not edit them.

You can use the PowerPoint Viewer with the font to display and print, but the display and print content must be from running the Microsoft Windows operating system equipment.

In addition, you can also:

According to the embedded font embedding fonts in the content limit

In print, the temporary font downloaded to the printer or other output device

You may not copy on other devices, installing or using these fonts.

Note: this software is only applicable to the system of PowerPoint has not been installed, if MicrosoftPowerPoint has been installed in the current system, then install this software system conflict may occur.

Powerpoint2003 new features

Updated player

Packaged into CD

The improvement of the broadcast media

The new slide show Navigation tool

The improved slide show ink annotations

The new smart tag support

After deriving improved bitmap

The document workspace

information Authority management

Installation tutorial

1. compression package, double-click to run" Pptv Iew.exe file to install

2. according to the prompt has been next to this place, to the check "agree", continue to click next"


3. the next step is to set the installation path (not necessarily in C, it is proposed to install other disk), continue to the next step


The remaining 4. is simple, is the next problem

5. after the installation is completed, there will be such as the following tips, click "accept" button

 Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003

6. and then you can start to use the

Note: The PPT2003 is a PPT file demo player, not directly to the new PPT document, you can open the.Ppt file format.

The software features

PowerPoint 2003 provides some new tools to help you create, presentation and collaboration to develop more powerful presentation. For sharing and collaboration on presentation confidently.

Note: in Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Edition, you can use PowerPoint to create IRM protected presentations, and can be granted to other users to access and modify your presentation permissions. You can also apply the template to the strategy that you create IRM protected presentation. In the Microsoft Office 2003 standard edition, you can read the IRM protected presentation; if you have permission, you can also modify the presentation.

Broaden the scope of work: PowerPoint 2003 Package for CD (for CD PowerPoint 2003 software package) provides functionality enables you to easily create presentations will be burned to CD and distributed to the customer for presentation of all documents needed. When the CD is inserted into the recipient will CD CD drive, automatic presentation with "Slide Show" (slide show) mode.

Let more people see your work: the improved PowerPoint player can be a user does not have PowerPoint installed on the computer, you can watch a presentation. PowerPoint presentation of the author in the presentation will save to CD, can Choice At the same time, save the player for the recipient.

The entry speed: from "Getting Started" and "Help" (Introduction) (help) task pane, you can visit the Office Online Web Microsoft Office Online Assistance on the site (Microsoft Office help). It provides according to the request and other users and regularly update the article to help. Some of these functions in the task pane to use Internet connection.

Focus on your work: use the new "Research" (Research) task pane, can easily find information without leaving PowerPoint. The task pane in PowerPoint 2003 is introduced Electronic dictionary The thesaurus, and online research site, to help you find information, and these information will be incorporated into the presentation. "Research" (Research) some of the features in the task pane to use Internet connection.

To reduce errors and save time: "AutoCorrect" (AutoCorrect) function can automatically repair common spelling errors and input error, and can replace the complete form of abbreviations.

Use the smart tag and search keywords and key phrases: the smart tag is a function in PowerPoint. When the name, address or other key words or phrases, the smart tag icon appears, and provide additional information and a list of the operation.

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