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Software introduction

Apple win10 mouse pointer Theme package Is an imitation of MAC mouse compass program. Installed on your computer, you can set and apple computer mouse click effect! Love is a friend not to miss, this station is the download package, you can Choice My most love the pointer type. Welcome to download the use of green resources!

Software introduction

Apple mouse pointer theme package is an imitation of OS X El Capitan a mouse pointer scheme, after installation can let us feel like apple like the mouse pointer feel powerful, simple and convenient! Can choose according to their own preferences a personalized mouse pointer is no longer uniformity. You try it, it is fairly beautiful pointer. Install pointer steps: open the control panel, printers and other hardware, the mouse pointer to browse (select file pointer)!

 Apple mouse pointer

Win10 how to install the mouse pointer?

We love the first download the mouse pointer style in the network above, and then click the right mouse button, unzip to the current folder

2. as long as completed, we will complete the double click into the folder, find the installation files, click the right mouse button, select the installation

3. after the installation is complete, we in the computer desktop right click, select Personalize

4. then we click on the upper left corner of the page.

After the 5. into the home, we find the device on the home page, click to enter.

6. then in the list on the left to find the mouse, click to enter.

In the 7. on the right side of the page to find other options in the mouse settings, click open.

After the 8. open the mouse Properties tab, click the pointer we.

Then in the 9. mouse pointer scheme, we choose love style, and then click on the application and will be determined, we love the successful use of the mouse style.

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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