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Chipgenius chip detection tool v4.18.0203 Green Edition Chipgenius green version of the software download | Chipgenius chip detection tools The score: 8

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Software introduction

Ch How to use the ipgenius chip? Chipgenius chipgenius Is a green free USB The memory card repair tool . This software can quickly detect device chip performance, and provides a disk repair function. They can also use the mouse fast! Welcome buddies to Green Resources Network Download experience.

Software introduction

Chipgenius chip wizard is a USB device chip type detection tool, you can automatically check the U disk, MP3/MP4, card reader, mobile hard disk and all USB equipment manufacturers, the main chip type, brand, and to provide relevant information to download address. Of course, you can also query the USB equipment VID/PID information, equipment name, interface speed, serial number, equipment version etc.. Software green compact, plug and play, is a digital consumer, electronic enthusiasts, members of the DIY and digital maintenance staff good helper.

 Chipgenius chip detection tools

Chipgenius chip Function Wizard

1, other USB equipment:

USB camera, mouse, printer, USB sound card... Oh, without removing the shell

2, the motherboard chipset:

Look at the chip type, find drive, check the motherboard performance, I have more relaxed

3, professional purchasing MP3:

MP3 master plan manufacturers generally do not say, and the chip is an important indicator to buy MP3

4, to identify fake IPOD:

I always suspect that their IPOD is false, and can not be opened, the task to fix me

5, maintenance of a good helper:

Digital maintenance personnel all day and digital products to deal with, my appearance is your assistant

6 and other USB storage:

Buy a card reader, mobile hard disk, USB-Hub... To help you, from a professional point of the selection of contrast

7, the rapid repair of U disc:

Do not disassemble to query U disk chip model, quickly find the corresponding production tools

8, to help you identify the fake U disk:

Also afraid to buy fake U disk? At any time with me (with MyDiskTest.)

PS: the chip model can automatically update the database.

Full support for Win7, Win8, WinXP, Win2003 system (including 32Bit/64Bit)

Software screenshot

Download address

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