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Chipgenius chip detection tool v4.18.0203 green version Chipgenius green version software download Chipgenius chip detection tool User ratings: 8

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Software introduction

Ch How does ipgenius chip wizard work? Chipgenius chip Wizard It's a green free USB. Memory card repair tool 。 This software can quickly detect the performance of device chips and provide the function of repairing U disk. Xiao Bai can also use this quickly. Welcome your friends to download the experience of green resource network.

Software introduction

Chipgenius chip wizard is a USB device chip type detection tool, which can automatically query the main chip models, manufacturers, brands, and provide relevant information download address of all USB devices such as U disk, MP3/MP4, reader, mobile hard disk and so on. Of course, you can also query the VID/PID information, device name, interface speed, serial number, and device version of the USB device. Software green, plug and play is a good helper for digital consumers, electronic enthusiasts, DIY personas and digital maintenance personnel.

 Chipgenius chip detection tool

Introduction of chipgenius chip wizard function

1, other USB peripherals:

Camera, USB mouse, printer, USB sound card... No dismantling.

2, motherboard chipset:

Look at the chip model, find the driver, check the motherboard performance, I feel more relaxed.

3, professional choice of MP3:

The main control scheme of MP3 is generally not mentioned by manufacturers, and chips are also important indexes for purchasing MP3.

4, identify false IPOD:

I have always suspected that my IPOD is false and can not be opened. This task is assigned to me.

5, maintain good helpers:

Digital maintenance workers are dealing with digital products all day long. My appearance is your right-hand man.

6, other USB storage:

Buy card reader, mobile hard disk, USB-Hub... Choose a comparison from a professional perspective.

7, fast repair U disk:

You can query the chip model of U disk without disconnecting the machine, and quickly find the corresponding mass production tool.

8, to help you identify counterfeit U disk:

Are you afraid of buying fake U? Bring me at any time (with MyDiskTest better).

PS: it can automatically update the chip model database.

Fully support Win7, Win8, WinXP and Win2003 systems (including 32Bit/64Bit)

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