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USB Bluetooth adapter driver v6.0.1 the latest version of the general USB Bluetooth driver download | USB Bluetooth adapter driver The score: 8

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Software introduction

USB BlueSoleil Win7/10 Is the latest version of universal Bluetooth driver software. Can be installed and used in various systems. Can help the user to successfully connect to the Bluetooth device. The realization of data transfer operation. Xiao Bian also provides you with a simple driving installation method, welcome to download and install the green resources network.

Software introduction

USB Bluetooth USB Bluetooth adapter driver is the latest free version of the universal driver. Can drive basically currently on the market more than 99% Bluetooth adapter, simple operation, convenient use and. (the following detailed description and installation methods have, please rest assured!) Please see the following instructions, the USB Bluetooth adapter universal driver is very good! Simple, convenient and safe! Strongly recommended!! Compression package contains the USB Bluetooth adapter universal driver and crack file, using the method of crack file in file.

 USB Bluetooth driver

USB Bluetooth adapter driver to use method:

One must use the mobile phone Bluetooth search program of computer, enter the same password;

Two, if the increase of Bluetooth synchronization function, but also add new equipment in the mobile phone Bluetooth, "serial port" option "Refresh" save as "software". Of course, to achieve second functions to open the synchronization software on the computer, and then the connection settings "option Choice The same with the Bluetooth software port (I COM4).

This is free to send and receive files, select the mobile phone Bluetooth synchronization commands on the computer side "wireless" operation!

USB Bluetooth driver instructions:

Please note: to delete the C:\WINDOWS\INF\bth.inf file before installation, or clip to the other disk.

Past again: before the installation of the driver program and software BlueSoleil built-in Bluetooth adapter, get a long time before the synchronization time, and complex operation, a Bluetooth disconnect again, feel BlueSoleil is not stable, sometimes even can not find the mobile phone.

Later, in the Internet access a lot of information and finally fix. Now is the USB Bluetooth adapter universal Widcomm driver BLT drive version, very good use, synchronization is easy, this driver is about more than 40 M.

Software screenshot

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