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Software introduction

Software label: usb Camera driver

universal Camera driver The software of win7 It is a universal camera driver all compatible with Lenovo, Logitech, fertile land, each big brand computer camera, can be applied to the 2003/xp operating system, welcome to the needs of users to download and use at this station!

Software introduction

This program comes from the AMCAP camera driver, suitable for many cameras, carefully finished, repeatedly tested, the Chinese version of the interface is stable, especially suitable for ordinary computer users to operate, and is equipped with installation, unloading the load, with instructions for use. You can create beautiful video, familiar with the use of an endless enjoyment! The new type SONIX camera driver.

 Universal camera driver software

The software features universal camera driver

Windows7, some camera (video) even after installing the driver, not normally available, but some chat in the QQ video can be used normally. Here recommended a gadget that can solve this problem. In this case, laptop and camera free drive in common.

Integrated land, Logitech (Logitech), speed (10moons), Lenovo, moons (Lenovo) and other major brands of computer camera (PC English: camera) the latest drivers for Win7, XP, Win82003, 32/64 system installation and use.

The dedicated camera universal driver package mainly solves the problems of the main control chip on the common market, such as: 31032032882883183333457501; sensitive chip, such as: 766076707725, 03097750 kinds of wireless camera, USB HD camera.

The driver of the universal camera driver installation steps

Download the installation package in 1. green resources network;

2. extract the installation package, double-click the "Setup.exe" installation;

3. after installation, you can use a computer to restart.

Software screenshot

Download address

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