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Mito hook lock Software v2.0 version of the green free  Mito hook lock software The score: 8

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Software introduction

Beautiful picture Desktop VLocker V2.0 version of the green free software Is a very good screen hook lock screen tools. The user can realize the computer screen hook lock screen, which can not only protect the computer data, can also enjoy the beauty Beauty Lock screen Screensaver Wallpaper! Welcome to download.

Software introduction

The figure is a hook lock the screen hook lock software, it simply double-click the download readily, can be directly run the hook lock software, you can set to lock screen picture, but also adjust the transparency of the picture. input Lock machine The password lock point can be at ease left, back when the input password can easily unlock. Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience.

 Mito hook lock

Mito software features hook lock

1. the two lock screen password authentication, password to prevent inconsistencies.

2. the operation is very simple without the need of course, do not know how the computer will use.

3. can modify the lock screen display picture.

4. unique powerful lock screen lock screen, can not operate any.

5. do not write the registry, green installation file.

6. optimization program kernel, the smallest memory occupancy rate has reached.

7. lock password protection does not generate any file, automatic identification procedures.

8. unique core technology, the lock screen does not affect any computer operating.

9. truly completely blocked Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination, only in the mobile mouse.

10. really reach the screen lock, lock in addition to enter the correct password, without any other solution.

To update the content

1. can be added to the local picture

2. dynamic beauty map opacity

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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