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Without regular shutdown software upgrade version of v5.8.0 latest official version Free software download | bsnotes Without regular shutdown software upgrade The score: 8

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Software introduction

Free time PsShutXp Is a free timing shutdown procedures. The user can set the computer shutdown time, and provides convenient screenshots, schedule reminders and other service functions. Love the users come green resources to download experience.

Software introduction

Without regular shutdown software upgrade Is a compact and practical computer shutdown tool, such as A Jiao integrated mytob.bsnotes, notes, tasks, reminders, timing screenshots, lock screen, clean history, automatic paste and other useful features. Mytob.bsnotes function support standby and hibernate.

 Without regular shutdown software

Without regular shutdown software for a new upgrade, bsnotes support 2 and 1 fixed time countdown shutdown time can be set to automatic daily repeat, and support regular shutdown standby and hibernation. The new version also integrates the screen shots, quickly hide the window, mail and other useful features.

Free software timing shutdown function

1, mail

Simple mail reminder and transceiver function.

2, automatic shutdown timer

Support the fixed time and countdown shutdown, can set a daily automatic repeat, support standby and hibernate.

3, screenshots

To provide the most efficient screenshot function. Can be saved to the memory or stored as image files can be automatically added. Time in the picture.

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