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To solve the tool win7 v7.0 official version of LAN To solve the 7.0| LAN sharing tools To solve the win7 LAN sharing tools The score: 8

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Software introduction

To solve the LAN sharing tool 7 is a win7 and XP system can solve the complicated things LAN software, help you better manage LAN, realize the function of normal use, the carefree surfing the Internet playing games, will bring you good results, users need to download it fast green resource network!

The official introduction

A key repair The tool specifically for the service was shut down due to a system error caused by the system, set up computer lan, Printer sharing Failed or is unable to browse the network neighborhood, the working group and the blank, open slowly on issues such as a key repair. Software adopts batch production, the use of simple and efficient, avoid the user to manually set the tedious. With this tool, you must restart the computer after repair, otherwise invalid. Everyone, this tool has been added to the repair of Win7, and has been continuously amended and perfected at present, Win7 has better between repair and other systems can not be shared, the problem of visits.

 To solve the 7 LAN sharing tools

To solve the network sharing function tool win7

Share folder and disk

A key for online computer LAN

A key to open the link to the remote and remote desktop

A set of shared printers

Set the folder attribute key, let you share files more security

A set of shared password, let the people who know the password to access your shared resources.

To solve the network sharing tool features

If your computer to share files when this happens

You may not have permission to use the cyber source, please contact the server administrator to find out whether you have access permissions.

Logon failure: the user requested logon type at this computer is not granted

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