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Shadow magic hands 2015 v4.4.1.305 free version of the green Shadow magic hands 2015| official download Shadow magic hands 2015 The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: nEO iMAGING

nEO iMAGING The official download 2015 Is a very easy to use image processing The software is very convenient and practical, does not require advanced techniques can be used to map P. Need friends not to miss. Welcome to download Oh green resources network!

Light Magic Hand software

Shadow magic hands is a quality improvement for the image processing software and effect. Simple, easy to use, does not require any professional imaging technology, we can produce professional color film photography, and the batch processing is very powerful. Photography Post processing, fast beauty, digital picture Photographic Processing Service Image processing software for finishing, can meet the most people picture post-processing needs.


The function of shadow magic hands 2015 software

1. "digital darkroom" into effect "ma * * G match function, adjustable radius and intensity

2. "digital darkroom" --- "portrait" into effect "partial" and "local Dermabrasion "Function, can be manually applied to skin whitening and grinding area, more flexible than portrait beauty

3. optimization "digital darkroom" freckle effect algorithm, freckle effect more natural, better

Join the "curve" features 4. brush, draw a smooth curve

The 5. frame function to import the borders button, no fixed frame storage directory, can be arbitrary Choice The use of open border directory, each frame classification corresponding border folder

6. brush in rectangular or circular tool, you can choose whether to use line, so you can fill a solid rectangular or circular

7. brush lines, arrows, rectangular and circular join shift key functions to draw level, 45, vertical lines and arrows, can draw a square, round

The problem of shape wrong 8. repair brush tool width enlarged arrow arrow

The sawtooth line tool appears 9. repair brush

10.Tiff format images can be covered.

The software features

Do the puzzle

Shadow magic hands free, jigsaw puzzles and picture mosaic template three modules, offers a variety of puzzles and photo frame template for your chosen. The large window puzzle independent, all kinds of wonderful moments together, share with friends and family.

Convenient text and watermark function

A text watermark can easily drag operation. Horizontal, vertical, light, shadow and background strokes, and other effects, so that the text in the image with more color, more can be saved as a text template for next time. The mixed mode makes the watermark more perfect, come try it!

Image batch processing function

Make full use of the multi-core CPU, fast batch processing images. You can adjust the volume size, add text, watermark, frame and a variety of special effects. You can also put a picture on the history of the operation is saved as a template to apply to all the pictures, powerful, for love love to take pictures with photos you, not to be missed!

Have strong adjustment parameters

With automatic exposure, digital light, white balance, brightness contrast, color saturation, color balance, curve, and a series of very rich tone map parameters. The latest development version, a new design of the UI interface, with better visual enjoyment, and the operation is more smooth, more easy. Without PS, you can also bring up end Beauty Light and color.

Rich digital darkroom effects

The changeable picture style is still the envy of others? Never mind, shadow magic hands with a variety of rich digital darkroom effects, such as the Lomo style, bokeh, local color, fade old black and white, cold, such as yellow, let you easily create color picture style, especially the reversal effect, one of the most important functions of shadow magic hands, can be obtained the effect of professional film.

Massive fine frame material

To frame photos plus a variety of exquisite, easy to create personalized photo albums. In addition to software selection comes with the frame, can instantly download online forum Excellent border light to produce their own fans.

Software screenshot

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The second floor Jiangsu Suzhou Suzhou Institute of Industrial Technology guest users Published: 2017/9/3 19:25:11
Some of the old photos quality is not good, the friend said with shadow magic hands can repair try, feel good

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The first floor Jilin Changchun Changchun Normal University guest users Published: 2014/11/27 12:17:56
Take good use of this, let your picture picture

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