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CS CS V1.7 Free Edition simplified Chinese Cs1.7 single version download | CS Counter-Strike The users score: 8

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The game is introduced

In 2001, a game was born, it is called " Counter Strike "At that time, the mad pursuit of game player can use the superheating degree to describe all Internet cafes are almost in a very short time to install inside the game, even it is no exaggeration to say that all of the computer, there are at least ninety-five per cent above installed or still equipped with CS, a time filled with high streets and back lanes a fierce gun battle sound, game player who talk about the same topic by common consent, blindly, Paowei, jilt gun - kill, ballistic etc.. If the 2001 and then in 2002 called the computer game industry elite, estimated that a little too much.
In fact, the prototype "Counter Strike" is just a name of "half life" the first shooter Pass game The expansion of the system, the legend is the two foreign game player by using "interest system of half life" such a fun thing, probably no one expected at that time, the unofficial small thing will become popular around the world in a very short period of time, in 2001 to become the hottest game. "Counter Strike" success once again shows a truth of the circle of game, game player only know oneself want is what kind of game, and game player only contact close or itself is the game player game developers, game player can really make love game. "Counter Strike" in the picture was not the most beautiful, it can be said that almost no plot and music, but it was a success, only one reason: fun.
When possible, everyone especially the boys played this game, a group of children, divided into two sets, each holding a toy gun, and even some paper gun, two dial Mandaijie fengpao, simulated gunfire with their mouths, make shot like a little professional will make a shot of expression and action, I think this should be the "Counter Strike" the first prototype of the modern computer technology, the game system more truly moved to our computer, that is what we see now "Counter Strike", it satisfies most people childhood dream, fast clear and strong battle mode and Simulation of gun weapon system, the game player to regain Childhood game Team spirit, mesmerizing, unable to stop. This should be the "Counter Strike" the reason why.

Common problem:

No H 1 game menu.
2, Join the robot control script (by "-" can kill all BOT, according to the "=" plus any BOT).


3, change the ID method:
Method: the main menu - Options - Multiplayer - senior game player name, the default is SteamPlayer"!
Methods: two game root directory open the rev.ini file, find PlayerName = "SteamPlayer"!

4, this version supports server: marked "4934, v71, no, nosteam, the new version of" service can be genuine and pirated, v34 does not support 4044!
5, in the console display "to enter the original server! "(the original English Invalid Steam key" size "), you are connected to the service, please reconnect the new server version crack
6, change the name to Chinese:
The use of Chinese name modification tools you need to modify Chinese name and clan name
7, the client with a CS version of crack origin conversion tool (for now little haven't updated V71 old version of the web server)

Online tutorial:

Can be connected with genuine genuine and pirated pirated pirated servers, can only connect to server
The foreign server can mostly be found directly to piracy
The IP server xxx.xxx.xx.xxx:xxxxx or xxxxx.com:xxxxx format form
According to the connect IP to open the console, the input can be connected
For example, can be connected to the connect input [zombie zombie infection | escape V81]#1 Park Lane
You can also find: server - favorites - add server, add IP


Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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Twelfth, Chinese netizens 137844.xyz guests Published: 2017/10/14 13:57:19
Love shooting game

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The 11 building in Hubei Yichang Unicom users guests Published: 2015/5/16 16:50:59

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The tenth floor of the 137844.xyz guest users Published: 2015/2/28 16:54:00
Urgent urgent urgent so good What is the war against the creation soldiers soul ah ah regressed more fly fly

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Ninth, Europe and the Middle East to 137844.xyz guests Published: 2015/2/3 23:24:59

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The 8 floor of the 137844.xyz guest users Published: 2014/8/12 21:02:02
Love the most awesome shooting game.

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The seventh floor Jilin Jilin Beihua University guest users Published: 2014/12/24 9:39:09
Do you have any key

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The sixth floor Shanghai Fengxian cable through guest users Published: 2014/12/22 13:51:24

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The fifth floor Jilin Changchun Changchun Normal University guest users Published: 2014/12/7 12:09:51
Is it fun?

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The 4 Building in Qiandongnan, Guizhou telecom users guests Published: 2014/11/30 14:09:34
The net?

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Third, Liaoning Benxi Telecom ADSL users guests Published: 2014/11/25 20:54:42
Cs1.7 often play, very classic memories ah, a play on the boring night, miss university dormitory time

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