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360 software manager independent version of the latest version of V2015 360 Butler official download software | 360 independent version of Software Manager The score: 8

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Software introduction

Three hundred and sixty Software Manager Independent version From 360 security guards Extracted, completely independent of the software, can be used directly. It is simple, if you do not want to install 360 Security guards However, you want to use the 360 software housekeeper, you can install the standalone version of the function is exactly the same, very practical! Quickly download experience!

Software introduction

360 software manager, to create a one-stop platform for users to download and install software. Each software included treasure after artificial installation verification, by Kaba, NOD32, 360 antivirus Combined with other well-known soft kill killing, to ensure that non-toxic, no Trojans, users can rest assured download. Software upgrade The first time to remind users to download the new version of the software upgrade, greatly reduce the search and download the new version of the software of the time. Uninstall can help the user to clean the residual information after the installation of the software in the registry and related folder, which greatly reduces the space occupied by computer. Boot speed not only for the user to clearly show all boot program, and whether the boot will give professional advice, the user can set up the boot speed. Set the default software more new features, is to provide users with a convenient, creating a surprise.


One Installed the necessary

It consists of 360 staff detection, user selection, these software are widely used, such as FlashPlayer, has a monopoly, the user must be installed, or can not see online video, can not play online games.

2. software.

By software vendors to 360 Security Center Submit the software by staff released after the approval, the software update 360 users to update to the latest version in the first time.

3. software upgrade
Will the current computer software upgrade to the latest version. With a new key installation function, the user can automatically set the directory for multiple software installation, unattended installation.

4. software uninstall

Uninstall the current computer software, uninstall software can remove the residual waste, often. Anti-virus software Large software can not be uninstalled completely, the remaining files take up a large amount of disk space, this function can this kind of junk files deleted.

Content update

1. software manager new revision, the interface more concise and elegant

2. new game Daquan, more than 10 million a wonderful game for you

3. perfect Application treasure Library, add applications through 360 secure desktop use

4. perfect powerful cleaning function, suggesting that the non intelligent installation file to prevent accidental deletion

Software screenshot

Download address

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