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HDSentinel Chinese Version (hard disk checker) v5.01 green version Hdsentinel Chinese version HDSentinel Chinese Version (hard disk inspection tool) User ratings: 8

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Software introduction

HDSentinel Chinese version It's a very practical one. Hard disk detection tool Through this tool, you can see the health of your computer hard disk at a glance. Friends who need it are welcome to download it freely.

Introduction to HDSentinel Chinese version

The hard disk is not a valuable thing now, but the data inside it is still priceless. Check with this software. If the health level is below 60%, it is recommended to change the hard disk as early as possible. Because the hard disk carries our important data, it is necessary to check the health status of the hard disk frequently. To achieve this goal, you can use the command line program of HDSentinel. HDSentinel supports IDE, S-ATA (SATA II), SCSI, USB and other types of hard disk, using it you can instantly check the health information of the hard disk. The output of HDSentinel is very simple and clear. Standing around HDSentinel, you can prevent early, so as not to cause significant data loss.

 HDSentinel Chinese version

Be careful:

The default configuration of installation is optimized for family users, and does not take into account the working environment of servers. If you use this software in such an environment, you should cancel the checkbox of "translator recommended program configuration" and take time to configure yourself to give full play to many advanced features of HDSentinel!

HDSentinel instructions for use:

Decompression after downloading

Gunzip hdsentinel.gz

You will get the hdsentinel binary file. Then, enforceable permissions for it:

Chmod a+x hdsentinel

And copy to /usr/local/bin Directory:

CP hdsentinel /usr/local/bin

Then execute hdsentinel.

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Download address

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