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Jiangmin antivirus software version x64 wisdom speed v16.0.13.129 official version Jiangmin antivirus software download speed intelligent | Jiangmin antivirus software version x64 wisdom speed The score: 8

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Software introduction

Jiangmin Speed wise version Anti-virus software Is a very good computer anti-virus software, a collection of all scanning Cloud, monitoring, identification, black list management, website name card and other functions into one, fully protect the security of Internet users, welcome to download the green resources!

Jiangmin antivirus software intellectual speed profile

Jiangmin antivirus software is intelligent speed version after more than twenty precipitation technology, independent research and development of domestic brands. Jiangmin speed wise version of antivirus software is a full-featured professional Security software Antivirus software, comprehensive integration, firewall Safety testing, bug fixes and other core security functions as an organic whole, breaking the boundaries of antivirus software, firewall software and other professional duties, to provide comprehensive security protection for personal computer users, both have excellent capability of killing the virus, and showed its superb skills in the field of security. Trojan virus database is composed of the most third party inspection agency ICSA once a month the depth of strict detection, let you more safety guarantee. The third generation of scanning engine, cloud, cloud killing Trimaran , cloud acceleration, cloud identification, virtual machine The sandbox, eye recognition, trust, contrast technology, antivirus allows you to experience the most cutting-edge technology.

Jiangmin antivirus software features intelligent speed

The ultimate interactive experience

The design of the new product interface, more relaxed, concise.

Cool skin effect, let you have a variety of antivirus!

Almighty a key scan

Just a key scan! The rapid and comprehensive diagnosis system security situation

And health, and precise repair!

Super ad blocker

The software of pop? Browser Pop? Web advertising? Super ad blocker

To help you fix it!

Pure, pure

Zero, zero, zero stress disturbed advertising, we have been insisting

Only do antivirus!

To update the content

1, Cloud Identification of suspicious files and web site.

2, the program monitoring and management

3, dynamic identification application protocol

4, Jiangmin Netsafe website name card

5, accelerate the rapid completion of the large capacity of innovative cloud scanning

6, feature code + cloud killing + cloud security trust scanning dual engine

7, online banking online shopping trap stop protection function

8, the sliding screen function at your fingertips

9, fully compatible with mainstream security software

10, occupy less resources

11, full scan breakpoint sweep

Software screenshot

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