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JayMe version of apple (APP v3.6.0 iPhone version of the official Jay Chou) JayMe IOS download | JayMe version of apple (official Jay Chou APP) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: JayMe Jay Chou Star app

Jay&Me IOS version is the official Jay Chou fan community, the community is designed for Jay Chou fans to create a gathering place. Jay Chou in the application of the latest developments, travel, and Jay Chou fans can close interaction here to communicate with more friends love Jay Chou. Jay Chou fans do not miss this app Oh ~ ~ quickly download

Application of JayMe:

Jay&Me is the only official authorized Jay Chou Jewell company official fan community.

Everything about Jay Chou here.

Here can let you get a sense of belonging and identity

And friends chat together and love the people

Jay&Me Jay Chou is the first person APP, Jay Chou brokerage company JVR Music exclusive authorized, to serve every fan. Jay&Me is a set of the latest information, interactive dating, music exchange, Jielun micro-blog Now, fans and other functions of the fan service platform, to meet the zero distance interaction with Jielun fans, and is committed to the fans to create a warm family.

 JayMe IOS version

Apple JayMe version features:

Jielun movie

The latest information

Jielun photo

Jielun trip

Jielun dynamic

Jielun music

JayMe IOS version features:

Can Jielun and close interaction;

You can know the fastest Jielun dynamic and travel;

You can join the fans enjoy the honor and privilege;

You can play together with millions of fans;

Can express the love of Jielun and obtain official certification;

You can get the official authorization identity nameplate etc..

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