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Time streaming video iPhone version of the v3.8.6 version of Apple's mobile phone Time streaming video IOS download | Time streaming video iPhone version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Time streaming video IOS version Is a time record and interactive mobile phone applications, all recorded here in your life is a book, even you WeChat QQ The photo album can be made into your unique exclusive books, let the good times become Yueranzhishang, lasting memories, welcome you to download experience!

The official introduction

Time streaming video as an interactive social platform, a set of knowledge sharing, hot topic discussion, exchange and content accumulation of powerful functions. Time streaming video positioning for the world's first cultural life social platform, it takes the topic of social + content aggregation "form. In addition, time streaming video is introduced since the publication (one book) "concept, users upload pictures and text, after a certain number of accumulation, can be through" a book "system of Self Publishing and print a book. The platform focuses on the long-term construction of a content database publishing resources integration, creative product extension, information service promotion, production and the production of various carriers and different platform publishing content, and then promote the copyright transaction, media publishing, user personalized on-demand printing.

Time streaming video IOS version features

1. time shelf: create a private online library of your collection, massive electronic books completely according to personal interest, with check with reading.

WeChat 2.: the contents of a Book of time into the circle of friends, WeChat automatic typesetting, printing and online application. Make your WeChat time book.

 Time streaming video app version of apple

3. a Book: click the mouse, the daily release of the scattered graphic automatic typesetting instantly into a book, life time turned gorgeous your exclusive "time book".

4.QQ album time book: QQ space photo album, a key import automatic typesetting, printing online application, easily print exclusive in your personalized QQ album book time.

Content update

1. new QQ album time book function, a few simple steps to make your QQ album key import to time streaming video form e-books, and can apply for a printed book.

2. new scanner function can be scanned into the picture to keep the old picture perfect color, and can be cut to a smart picture, save your memories of youth.

The 3. known BUG repair.

Software screenshot

Download address

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