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Software introduction

Tropical fish aquarium screensaver 3D is a tropical fish aquarium screensaver application, through this software can be set for all kinds of cool dynamic computer Screensaver That picture is very realistic, love friends quickly to Green Resources Network Download experience!

Tropical fish aquarium screensaver official

Tropical fish aquarium screensaver (3D tropical fish aquarium screensaver) is a tropical fish aquarium screensaver famous (formerly known as Sachs Marine Aquarium), which won awards in many software, software download sites list is also among the best, even this screensaver was Microsoft WinXP Plus Pack income. The 2 edition not only repair of the previous version of B UG The software update, and set up the interface, making it more beautiful; it also adds 5 new fish (total has reached 26), make the aquarium more lively! The software is the origin and diet description of each species, so that you can learn a lot about the knowledge of tropical fish.

 Tropical fish aquarium screensaver

Tropical Fish Aquarium Screensaver software features

Is a popular global 3D simulation, let your computer screen immediately into a tropical fish aquarium true to life, leisure time watching the beautiful marine ornamental fish on your screen swim freely, starfish quietly from the aquarium it climbed to the head, there are many colorful corals and algae pose with hydraulic gently and everything is so realistic, in addition, the aquarium inside the crystal as well as the calendar and Clock The display function, can also show signs of their own design.

Tropical fish aquarium screensaver usage

1 if you have installed an old version of the original Aquarium or English, first proposed to uninstall and delete the installation directory, then install the finished version, in order to avoid installing or using the wrong.

2 Aquarium is a DirectX program, can run on Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME and XP operating system, but can not run on Windows NT 4. Other systems and equipment requirements: Pentium II processor, DirectX 8, above the level of the good performance of 3D display card (memory that is greater than 16 Mb). For the notebook computer, use not less than you can run the screen saver GeForce2 Go, Rage Mobility or S3 Savage integrated graphics, and the use of the NeoMagic chipset is not running.

3 other matters needing attention or FAQ, please refer to the original installation directory "ReadMe.txt" (English).

Software screenshot

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