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The ball ball battle new version 2019 (Battle of balls) v10.0.0 official version of Android The ball big battle to download the latest version of 2019| The ball ball battle new version 2019 (Battle of balls) The score: 8

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Mobile Games introduction

Ball big battle The 10 version of Mobile Games (Battle of Balls) Is a kind of leisure sports Mobile game The picture of the game, fresh and natural, simple operation, need to control their ball game player to eat a smaller ball slowly become larger and stronger can survive, like the friends quickly download experience!

Ball war introduction

The ball is Sup big battle ERP Free mobile phone network game OP, an independent research and development, to produce the real-time interactive PK game player game fun for design purposes, through simple rules will direct conversion operation for the game player game strategy, wisdom collision fighting fun experience.

 Ball big battle mobile phone edition

The latest battle ball features

1. "poke poke" lazy cancer operation: toilet "poke poke", Elevator. "Poke poke" nest "poke poke" is, even if you are a lazy cancer male (female), only need to use a forefinger slowly leisurely "poke poke, you can control the path of the ball game!

2. "I am the unique image: each ball can customize the appearance and name. "Hey, quickly into the bowl!" "You see, I could not help but slobber!" Ha ha, you're not wrong, these are the ball's name! Come to own a domineering name!

The ball ball Game take laws and regulations lightly

Game player to the enemy's attack on the side of caution, while carefully around the spikes, split into many will be stabbed in the ball, if it is attacked, but the The loss outweighs the gain. not being eaten by others, how in the case of continuously strengthening the key itself is the game.

Add a shake function: you can talk to and shake a shake of the ball game player game.

The new game clearing screen chat room Function: a room after the game where people can chat happily.

Game background

The mysterious Nebula in the depths of the universe a full of thorns flower, the life of a group called "Paula miles" (translation of "ball") of the strange creature. They look Meng, has a brave heart. They are a race of fighting, born to fight, to fight to death.

According to legend, the common ancestor of this group of Paula miles is a called "super Tatin" Paula miles, Tanta duty is to safeguard the treasure of the universe "thorns flower", it has a powerful energy, will change everything, from avatar, the only weakness is greedy.

One day, Tanta finally tempted to steal the "thorns flower", the body becomes burst, hundreds of millions of small Paula. From then on, Paula miles is a ethnic curse, only endless in the nebula in the battle, if you stop fighting, life will disappear in the vast loss. Starry sky In In the long history, only the most powerful Paula miles crossed the dark nebula to break the chains of fate, to find the light and the legend of the peace.

To the sweet hope, they fought with Paula. They must strive to run, let oneself become big becomes big and big, in order to fight against more than their existence. Even after numerous failures must re unite power, until become the strongest.

Update log

V10.0.0 update:

To optimize the experience, enhance the stability.

V9.4.0 update:

1. new shake function: you can talk to and shake a shake ball game player game;

2. new game screen clearing chat room function: a room after the game where people can chat happily;

3. NEW Scan Function: it can scan the code through fast and attention, to join the war team, joined the self built room;

4. new features: fast radar scanning Pay attention to friends;

5. new fans marked increase of NEW

The new 6. mobile phone replacement binding function;

7. teamfight invited new teammates recently tab, easy fast team;

The 8. team battle mode now open all day long;

9. self built room optimized authority: new scan code into the self built room, waiting for you to play more set mining;

10. can now be in the record in the same game in view of what is involved in the game player;

11. death resurrection process optimization;

12. message board quick pull black set optimization.

Mobile Games.

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The second floor Sichuan Leshan Tietong ADSL guest users Published: 2017/7/5 21:45:21
Super fun, special love and teammates Yin others, very interesting, love to launch more gameplay and mode

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The first floor of the guest users Published: 2016/4/14 19:00:35
Very fun

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