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Software introduction

universal Keyboard driver program The perfect support for win7, win8, XP system, can solve the desktop and notebook computer keys Inventory Hammer failure. If you encounter the keyboard does not start, can try to download and install the keyboard driver solution! Come and download network using green resources.

Software introduction

Universal keyboard driver contains currently on the market most of the wireless keyboard driver. The support rate is very good. Matching high. Please restart your computer after installing the driver. The keyboard driver software can be applied to any keyboard, as long as the system due to loss of the keyboard driver cannot use the keyboard, device management The project is in the keyboard with an exclamation point, can use, guarantee to solve!

Notebook keyboard plug drive is disabled to do?

Right - Computer - Management - Device Manager to see the updated right key attributes of yellow exclamation point under the driver or a buckle re insert it can solve the problem.

 Universal keyboard driver

Universal keyboard driver using the steps

1: universal keyboard download the latest version of the driver

2: delete the current multimedia keyboard driver

3: universal keyboard installed the latest version of the driver

Universal keyboard driver installation instructions:

Windows XP operating system can continue to provide plug and play support features, thus, allows users to those from the wireless mouse and keyboard manufacturer USB wireless transceiver plug to computer equipment, and to create an excellent user experience. In the premise of realizing the basic function of the property only, you don't even have to install special software provided by the manufacturer. Advanced users can Choice The installation of special software provided by the manufacturer, in order to make full use of user programmable features.

Windows XP operating system for compatible man-machine interface equipment (HID) configuration to perform automatic detection, and the state of the balloon will add a plug and play device for operation to announce the current user. (please note that if you are using the PS2 connector, with some wireless devices provide that the function can not be achieved, the main reason is that, PS2 connection may not have HID compatible characteristics.) The device manager will prompt the user to plug in for USB transceiver in a wireless device before, will have been detected by the system to the hardware equipment listed. Please note that only the standard keyboard and PS2 mouse are listed out, which does not exist any HID device.

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