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A mobile phone version of the v1.5.6 version of the Android vector Android Mobile Games version download | vector Pinball Vector Pinball mobile phone edition The score: 8

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Mobile Games label: Vector Pinball Casual games

Android vector Pinball version of the game is a very simple pinball game, simple gameplay, players need to continue efforts to Pinball ball cutting, reach all shapes, like the green resource network to download it!

vector Pinball game Brief introduction:

Vector Pinball is a casual pinball game, simple games, simple gameplay, game player in the game, need to use the physical principle of pinball, the ball in the game cut ball, and eliminate all ball!

 Vector Pinball mobile phone edition

A mobile phone version of the game features vector:

The flexible operation of play.

Rich level design.

Simple and exquisite picture of the game.

Highlights of the game:

- a free, open source is a pinball game with vector graphics simple, accurate simulation of the physical situation, streamlined without advertising.

The best is like Nexus1 equipment, can maintain a relatively smooth operation, if it is a slow device, need to adjust the frame rate.

If you want to help, custom encoding or design layout, you can find the corresponding item in the GitHub page.

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The second floor Gansu Lanzhou Lanzhou University campus wireless project guest users Published: 2017/6/26 22:29:47
You really Niua player! Worthy of the name, watching films artifact, a lot of resources, 66666666 fly

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The 1 building in Jiangsu Suzhou Suzhou Institute of Industrial Technology guest users Published: 2016/11/16 19:14:19

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