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Borrow treasure IOS version of the v3.0.5.0 version of iPhone mobile phone Borrow treasure app version download apple | Borrow treasure IOS version The users score: 8

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Software introduction

Borrow treasure IPhone version Is a safe lending mobile phone application software, can help users easily in the loan application, lower interest rates, reducing user burden difficult. The application can also lend money to their friends, and avoid the embarrassment of anonymous friends lent. There is a need to download the use of ~ friend


Borrow treasure is the country's top private equity institutions Jiuding holding effort to build the first social Chinese financial platform. Original acquaintances anonymous one-way lending, the lender to the borrower, the real name anonymous way, the borrower can Fast enough Speed of access to loans, lenders according to the identity of the borrower active risk assessment, obtain high yields more safe, is money essential artifact on your mobile phone, money weapon.

Borrow treasure app version of apple

1, borrow treasure first earn spreads, without investing any cost, as long as the modification of the original loan interest rate, loan information forwarded to the friends of their Circle of friends You can earn spreads. Zero cost, return without limit. The personal credit market pricing and Free trade For each person, set up since the financial platform in the mobile Internet era;

 Borrow treasure iPhone

2, when you lend money to a friend, you can be free Choice Friends release of loan projects get interest income, anonymous lending, your friend cannot check your identity, guarantee loans, financial security, to avoid the embarrassment of friends;

3, borrowing from your real treasure are friends circle of friends, and after a strict real name authentication. When you need to borrow money, publish information on loan, loan term, interest rate, the amount of up to you, your friends can according to your identity quickly and accurately assess the risk, make a decision.

Application characteristics:

1. simple, easy to use. Can complete the withdrawal whenever and wherever possible;

2. low interest loan, high interest lending, borrow cheap money urgently, relief;

The 3. risk guarantee, anonymous money, avoid embarrassment;

There are 4. security guarantee, can let the user ease of use

Software highlights

To borrow money: personal friends, businesses launched a loan to employees, downstream, amount, term and interest rate of custom, simple procedures, low cost.

Investment: familiar, reliable screening of borrowers, interest rate, term, amount of appropriate loan subject, anonymous lending, low interest.

Ious: one on one loan, with electronic iou. Three-dimensional collection More reliable.

Fill the ious: arrears line, electronic ious. Expiration reminder, telephone collection.

The electronic contract transaction, clear security

Face recognition Clearly, the identity is more reliable

Friends to raise public borrowing, do not ask for help to see her face

Developer: everyone for Polytron Technologies Inc

Software screenshot

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