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The live version of the v5.7.0 iPhone version of Apple's teeth Huya live IOS download | The live version of Apple's teeth The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Tiger live Live app

Tiger live IOS version YY's mobile phone broadcast platform, here every day there are a large number of high-definition broadcast for users to watch. There are a variety of application classification, can also according to the user's viewing records to users recommend the latest live content, users can watch live better. A new experience, as in the tiger live. Users need to download to use.

Tiger live Apple version features

Column classification: massive game fine classification, can quickly find what you want in the classification of the game;

Recommendation: live according to your preferences, watch live recording, give users personalized push popular live;

- Interactive barrage: Here you can speak freely, all the headlines, and all the people to interact;

- Live quiz: while watching live, while millions of users and fun quiz;

 Tiger live IOS version download

Tiger live version of IOS function

[scene] interactive stars shine with you

Miss: Gaming queen, on a tiger, see Miss.

Ander Roni: too adorable & hearthstone live circle a brother and a sister's million military adviser.

Dopa: China and South Korea two top service passers-by playing lol king, he does not like you.

Director: your wild area, I call the shots, the world famous jungler.

Chu: live 12 hours a day. Single game Agreed, for 30 years, accompany you to the old.

Famous anchor: Dong Xiaosa, Longdd, Chou Dongsheng, Carle, O sichuan......

Entertainment stars: Chen, Lin Chiling, Lim Yoona, Di Ali Gerba

The locking teeth [constantly exciting endless]

Four channels: online sports, travel, entertainment, single hot Mobile Games leisure

Fine classification: Heroes Union , outdoors Live, the star of the show, Cross Fire, DungeonFighter , Minecraft CS:GO, Hearth Stone , Overwatch

Hot Mobile Games : Glory of Kings , Ball big battle , The Royal war , Cool running every day. CF, a king

[entertainment] you look to the star of the show.

Orange soda taste summer summer orange

A Jiao lotus, unequaled in beauty

Listen to the voice of pregnant tiger Jiajia

Huya Xi Sell adorable Look adorable in your mind

66 small fresh dancers.

[hot] top competition Festival

The global finals S6:9 29 -10 on day 29, the annual LOL ups.

Watch the pioneer Korea match: every Wednesday, Thursday night, and the strongest team together.

The electronic athletics contest NEST: the national comprehensive gaming contest, August set sail again.

WCA2016 world cyber games: 200 million bonus, global competition!

International Women's Grand Prix EWG Gaming: exclusive international women's open LOL teeth.

CSGO CSL: the occupation League Huya independent broadcast the strongest CSGO domestic league, TyLoo, VG and other giants together

[BIG] outdoor play crazy lattice

Have a haunted house: outdoor adventure adventure, Wilderness survival Don't,! Is dry!

The streets have meat to eat up: street girl, funny tricky, one hot summer to see you!

The beauty of delicacy fresh enough: overseas tourism, delicacy exploration shop, every day is a new play!

Daniel: her sister kuangmo! The world is my sister paper!

City Street shook his head! The 24 hour live show!

Developer: Guangzhou Huya Mdt InfoTech Ltd

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