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Baidu video (BaiduPlayer) v5.5.1.1 official version Baidu video player | official download Baidu video (BaiduPlayer) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Baidu video player

Baidu video Player 2017 Is a versatile video player software, built-in video and video very treasure, rich source, collocation of Baidu search engine, you need a key search video, fast and accurate, but also can not see the bottom edge broadcast, video to wait. Quickly download experience!

Baidu video introduction

Baidu is the latest video by the Baidu Inc launched a new player experience. The mainstream media format video and audio files, local playback and on-demand online. Baidu video will continue to improve product performance, product experience and product function; let it become your leisure partner, let your work and life is full of fun, provide excellent audio-visual service for you.

Baidu video features

The film.

Hot film, wonderful Short video Real time, hot information, classic films - HD presentation

Use Baidu Search

The introduction of powerful Baidu search technology, massive cyber source to click

Full compatible media format

Fully compatible with media format files, local playback, barrier free viewing

Baidu video function

1, the function of personality, a new experience: support function keys or modify settings to meet your individual preferences.

2, automatically record the last viewing position to automatically record the last closed file position player, watch again without start again.

3, automatically add similar files to a playlist: support for automatically adding similar files to a playlist set, watching TV is not in the need to add a file.

4, to see their love: screenshot function picture, you can easily save a key interception

5, play the front play the movie player: support for display in the front of the screen, you can operate in other computer while watching this movie.

6, compatible with mainstream television media format: compatible with mainstream media format video local playback, and constantly updated...

7, the bottom edge broadcast function: support online play video files, you only need to copy URL to Clipboard You can enjoy the bottom edge, sowing, wonderful experience online.

Common problem

First, after the success of the installation and how should I play media files?

1) to open a local file

By double clicking is associated with Baidu video in the Explorer file, you can open the media file with Baidu video. Or on the Baidu video, Baidu video in the main interface click [open file] to open the corresponding media file.

2) online play files

Click to open the file right at home, then click on URL, then will pop up Dialog box

Enter the URL address, click OK to play online.

Two, how to associate a media file?

Click on the upper right corner of the main interface of the connected, open the main menu, Choice "Set" in the "parameter setting"; in the "parameter setting" panel and select "file association", you need to select the associated file type.

Update log

V5.3.2.78 update:

Optimization of online media on demand experience

Increase the information push off function

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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First, Hebei Langfang telecom users guests Published: 2014/12/3 17:52:48
Nora down, only to Baidu video, ah.

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