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Software introduction

Software label: Sandbox Fillmore

The SRS register is designed for SRS Audio Sandbox to create the registered number of tools. In simple terms, is used to explain the SRS Audio Sandbox, so you can completely free the practical software. A friend in need, please download experience!

SRS Audio Sandbox

SRS Audio Sandbox is a personal computer ultimate audio enhancement software. The software can provide a surround sound as the acme of perfection, bass effect and very clear, and even can be used for desktop speakers. All music can be applied to personal computers, and video games and provides customized special pre setting. SRS is a SRS by the United States Labs company according to the dynamics of the human auditory system (Dynamics of Human Hearing System) principle and psychoacoustic (Psychoacoustics) audio technology and research out of patent.

 SRS Zhuceji Download

Common problem

This program does not let me open or play media files in place.

SRS Audio Sandbox is not a player, it is the processing of other programs sound. Please refer to the help topic for more information about how to work.

1. the sound effect is very strange or very unnatural.

Some play a sound processing program has a built-in. Please try to close some sound in these programs, in order to avoid the sound of audio processing and SRS at the same time may lead to sound strange. But if you do not want to close the player in sound, can sound mode one by one test SRS Audio preset in Sandbox, to find one of the most used and the player with the model.

2. how can I restore the default settings?

Right click on the title bar of the main interface of the program, and then Choice "To restore the default value...". You can keep your own definition of the default mode.

When there is no open automatic selection mode, why had some sound patterns I cannot choose?

In automatic mode, audio processing technology is selected according to the number of broadcast channel speaker settings and source types. When there is no audio input, audio processing technology cannot choose automatic program. Therefore, although the sound processing shows or for a time, it may not be suitable for the current number of channels, speakers or audio types.

I try to change in 3. when the speaker setup error has occurred.

If you try to change the speaker setup when playing audio, you may receive an error message: "you can't change DirectSound settings".

First of all, please close all the audio player. The control interface and resets the speaker or restart SRS Audio Sandbox. Please refer to the installation (Windows XP) / (Vista) some more information about the speaker set.

4. all my speakers have no voice.

First of all, please check your speakers are correctly connected to the power supply (if you need an external power supply, and online and computer) have no problem. Please check the settings and channel balance SRS Audio Sandbox associated with the card is in the equilibrium state. Finally, please check your player without any sound mute or output only to a specific channel to.

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