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Software introduction

Software label: WinRAR

Winrar The simplified version of the software Chinese Is a is now the best compression tool, Winrar The simplified version of Chinese friendly interface, easy to use, has good performance in compression ratio and speed. The compression ratio of WINZIP to high flow. RAR uses a more advanced than the Zip compression algorithm, compression ratio is now larger, faster compression formats.

Software description:

WinRAR is a powerful compression package manager, it is RAR File tools in Windows environment graphical interface. The software can be used for backup data, reduce the size of email attachments, unzip the downloaded from the Internet RAR, ZIP and other types of files, and can create RAR and ZIP format compression class file.


WinRAR higher compression ratio

WinRAR in the DOS era has been with this advantage, experiments show that the WinRAR RAR format to ZIP format other than 10% ~ 30% high compression rate, especially it also provides Choice The multimedia data compression algorithm.

Set the project very well, and you can customize the interface

Let us start the WinRAR program group through the start menu in the main interface, select "options" menu under the "Settings" to open the settings window, divided into conventional, compression, path, file list, viewer, integrated six categories, very rich, modify them, make better use of WinRAR. Combat: if installed at the same time a Compression software With WinRAR, ZIP documents related to frequent confusion, now we only need to enter the settings window, select "comprehensive" label, "WinRAR associated file" column in ZIP a tick, then can make the ZIP file associated with the WinRAR, if the hook removed, the WinRAR automatically modify the registry. ZIP and the re compression software association.

There is a high compression ratio algorithm unique to the multimedia file

WinRAR on WAV, BMP sound and image files can greatly improve the compression rate with a unique multimedia compression algorithm, although we can use the WAV and BMP files to MP3 JPG format, save storage space, but don't forget the WinRAR compression standard lossless compression.

Can improve the compression package to support ZIP format and can extract a variety of formats

Although other software can also support ARJ, LHA and other formats, but need to plug corresponding to the DOS version of the software, it is a limited function. But WinRAR is different, not only can extract the most compressed format, compressed files without plug-in support can be directly set up in ZIP format, so we don't have to worry about leaving the other software how to handle ZIP format problem.

Update profile:

1. if you start the WinRAR command in a multi monitor configuration Explorer right-click menu commands. Dialog box Will be displayed in the menu on the display of the association. Previous versions are displayed on the main display.

2. "WinRAR and Email compression... "Command to add compressed files to Email theme. The previous version retains the theme of blank.

In 3. RAR 3.91 -x< mask > switch can also exclude folders from compression, even if the mask contains wildcards does not include path. For example, the -x*. extension is not excluded all the names in the folder. Now -x switch using the RAR3.80 method, for no path mask, exclude folders only in the mask does not contain wildcards and complete matching folder name.

4. error correction:

A) WinRAR 3.91 in the open menu &ldquo; create WinRAR ZIP compressed file &rdquo command; empty ZIP created the compressed file, report incorrect &ldquo; unexpected end of file compression &rdquo;;

B) enable &ldquo on decompression to contain the damage files ZIP compressed file delete; compressed file &rdquo; WinRAR option does not delete files after the compressed file is corrupted, even if they are successful decompression;

C), if two different mask in the RarFiles.lst file, WinRAR will choose the final match. Usually, if the two mask is a subset of each, the first match must be selected.

Software screenshot

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Easy to use, fast.

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The interface is simple, use very convenient.

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