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Windows Xp Sp3 official simplified version of the original Chinese Xp Sp3 clean install version download | The original Windows Xp Sp3 The score: 8

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The Windows XP SP3 Chinese simplified version of the production, integrated the necessary system update. Automatic unattended installation, free serial number, no activation. Through genuine validation, support online update.
A version of the instructions:
1, based on the Windows XP SP3 Chinese simplified version
2, modify the TCPIP connection number is 1000, up BT, P2P download speed
Two, installation instructions:
1, cd:
First, the burn Nero image file burn the ISO file (with operation see video files), and then set the CD-ROM boot priority in Bios, can be installed into the disc after the restart. When the disk boot menu, according to the Choice Install the actual CD-ROM mode.
The installation process is fully automated, until entering the desktop, the default Administrator login, Administrator account password immediately for advice
2, install the hard disk system:
First Virtual CD-ROM Load the ISO image file, and then double-click automatic CD player, automatic installation.
Note: no matter what installation method, pay attention to backup personal data and driver installation!
Three, to further accelerate the boot speed:
Right click my computer and desktop management device management For IDE ATA/ATAPI controller, the main and secondary IDE channel in the advanced settings where you can choose the type of equipment to set free (not only connected to some related hardware without the), this method to speed up the boot speed effect is better than what other optimization. But I want to add a new hardware in the channel to the corresponding open, otherwise unable to identify new hardware.
In addition, if the ADSL Telecom dial-up, advice to the local connection specified IP address. IP:, subnet mask:
Five, other instructions:
The system and the software are installed, running a disk defragmenter finishing system disk, the running speed of the system is preferred; or use Ghost to do a backup and restore system, with the effect of the former!
Disclaimer: this system is only available to test your study environment, green resources station does not assume any technical problems or for illegal dissemination and copyright; business Use own legal liability. Please delete it in 24 hours after the download, if you feel satisfied, please buy genuine support!

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Twenty-fifth, Guangdong Guangzhou telecom users guests Published: 2018/6/3 23:43:32
Well, it's hard to find now installed version, there are ghost version, thank you.

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The 24 floor of Fujian Unicom 3G unified export guest users Published: 2017/9/30 20:39:45
Thanks, just had not used, do not know how?

Support ( Zero ) Levy (reply)

The twenty-third floor of the Norway guest users Published: 2017/7/5 22:52:42
Xp Sp3 is the original good, thank you very much for sharing the pure version, very clean and concise!!!

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The twenty-second floor Shanxi Taiyuan Jinyu Cafe (Shanxi University Business School) the guests Published: 2017/9/12 11:36:34
Simplified Chinese version of the official Chinese Chinese.........................................................

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The twenty-first floor Shanxi Taiyuan Jinyu Cafe (Shanxi University Business School) the guests Published: 2017/9/12 11:35:13
Cattle, one of the classic system, there are still a lot of people in training a large number of computer whiz classic system, is worth having saved well, will rise!! Thank you very much.

Support ( Zero ) Levy (reply)

Twenty-first, Japan guest users Published: 2017/6/8 10:36:10
Thank you very much, try it!

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The twentieth building of Yunnan education network to train users to guests Published: 2017/7/31 13:57:14
I finally found a miss.

Support ( Zero ) Levy (reply)

The twentieth floor of the guest users Published: 2017/6/1 14:48:45
Thank you very very much

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Nineteenth, Fujian Fuzhou (Lianjiang) China Unicom ADSL users guests Published: 2017/4/18 23:46:35
Thanks, thanks for sharing, I wish the landlord rank 10 in a row

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The eighteenth floor of Shanxi Datong telecommunications users guests Published: 2017/4/18 8:59:24
1 thank you Louzhu

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