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Pepper broadcast platform app v6.5.7.1034 Android version Mobile phone to download and install | pepper live Pepper broadcast platform app The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Pepper live Live app

Pepper live App Is beauty, handsome live together, there are many high Yan value anchor, echocardiography can pay close attention to; there are many stars in the pepper live you love the big coffee? Yes, please pay attention to!

The official introduction

Pepper is a popular favorite of young users worldwide Live app Dating platform, is the high Yan beauty, pure and handsome brother campus Belle metrosexual man three gathered in one. 24 hours of live, fresh, lively music Sell adorable God, imitation, expected to have fun but also Yan hot, all sorts of tricks Trend Live to your pounding heart, is the high value of Yan and stylish small brother sister in pepper, waiting for you to pick!

 Pepper live Download

Pepper live app features

[home] recommended "not love" function, increase the love and not love, just between your fingers, to give you a new experience of sowing!

[hot] dynamic out of the ordinary you deserve, out of the ordinary dynamic!

[love] fans love to become anchor guard, enjoy the exclusive gift for fans, light medal, anchor favorite play crazy CALL;

[PK] anchor ladder qualifying unique "lights" PK new experience, has won numerous honors at the same time, there are large cash prizes;

[color] eye beauty + adorable face big don't worry, launched a second goddess, a magical live function!

[rich] props reward task system, second noble identity, wonderful gift fragments and unexpected, play a lot;

[gift] magic full platform that you send a cool gift for anchor favorite, exclusive, dreamy and romantic.

Pepper live version of the mobile phone function

No editing, no hesitation hesitation, no time for several seconds, it is like the world without regret, never wait for, never again;

Open pepper: you are the center of the world, the director of life. Everyone's life is not a movie script, and accidentally met the most beautiful, and time together;

The sudden news: even if the heavy rain flooded the entire city, at least let us embrace each other disaster;

Meet the star: you love the stars are here, they are no longer a symbol, a crowd in pepper, you will see them in the eyes of the world;

At the end of the world: whether Xiaguang weather mountain top, or no shortage at the end of the unmanned area, pepper friends with you touched all the time;

Exchange: to change the way of living? Rock musician, journalist or hero to save the world? Live on the TA;

Sports: tired of the nest on the sofa in front of the TV station, gently point Hill Hu tsunami stands;

You can also run live cooking to eat and sleep in a daze love shopping car...... Believe in your life, it is always one of the one and only.

Update log

V6.5.7.1034 update:

1.: small gifts to dynamic video can be recorded, your comments can also be answered oh.

2. new studio fast recharge page.

3. user level page new revision.

4. repair known problems, optimize the user experience.

Developer: Beijing Micronesia and Wind Technology Co. Ltd.

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