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The iPhone version of the v1.1.4 version of my apple My world IOS download | My world iPhone The score: 8

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The game is introduced

Game label: Minecraft

Minecraft Mobile phone edition Is a mobile game in Shahe. Perhaps the game screen looks bad, but a high degree of freedom of the game play. In the game, you can create a "world", here, you are God, you can create anything. As long as you have imagination and creativity, what can be built. Love friends quickly download experience!


Survival strategy:

1. in survival mode, there is such a sentence: "to get rich first line tree", yes, felling is a very important link, through the trees, we can create a table in the backpack of the most basic, with Taiwan manufacturing a variety of other tools, of course, you'd better choose a a village map, such as the No. 999 seed map.

2. next, you need to build a wooden pickaxe, dig the stone, then made of stone tools and new furnaces, the best first menu in the difficult (difficulty) to the minimum.

3. if you are in a village in the best, if not, you need to build a house for myself, and then kill the sheep made bed.

These are the most basic, then you can dig all kinds of ore, made a variety of powerful tools of armor!

All mineral

1. coal mine, used for furnace combustion (burning time is much longer than the wood), can also make the torch.

2. iron ore, iron ore smelting in the furnace after various kinds of iron equipment.

3. gold and iron ore, are melting, can also be used to make dynamic tracks, but not enough to dig the pickaxe head hardness of iron under.

The 4. diamond mine, the most cattle do not need ore, smelting, can make the most cattle and equipment, but very rare, in Bedrock (best to dig dug in bedrock layer to go 8 lattice then excavation, can reduce the chance of digging into the magma).

5. hongshiite, can only do power rails and do compass.

6. emerald, 0.9.0 and above version only, no use (in the future will join the villagers trading system).

Common problem

My world game screen play not how to do?

My world is not black happily playing buddy can try the following solutions:

1, Internet problem, suggestions on better under the network environment;

2, the client, the client to download the official website or advice;

3, mobile phone memory problems, suggestions to clean up memory load game; delete unnecessary use of mobile phone software.

5 unstable, mobile phone system, may lead to compatibility! Brush machine!!

6, mobile phone behind! My world mobile phone version of the game is still relatively high on the mobile phone configuration requirements, if you want to play the game game player can be considered to a mobile phone, or play with the computer.

7, set in the game, the screen effects are transferred to a minimum.

The above is my world black solution, hope can help you buddy.

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