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365 data leakage prevention system v2.3.3 free version simplified Chinese 365 disk encryption software download | 365 data leakage prevention system The score: 8

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Software introduction

365 disk encryption is a professional free installation file encryption of computer software, using advanced virtual disk file encryption technology and encryption technology, protection of personal information is not diffusion leaks, safe and reliable, easy to use. There is a need of a friend welcome to download and use of green resources network!

Introduction 365 disk encryption

365 disk encryption is a kind of green free installation file encryption software, can protect any type of document such as various documents, emails, pictures, video and audio, data base No leaks; you can install various software applications such as software, database, software, games, tools and QQ mail system in disk encryption; open, edit files or play audio and video directly in the encrypted disk, without password decryption; even if the hard drive lost access to encrypted disk files.

 365 disk encryption software download

365 disk encryption software features

1, the software for the green version of personal security encryption software, the use of permanent free.

2, the initial password is empty, please set the password to log in, some software tray icon or shortcut keys can be Alt+Ctrl+Y.

3, please install the system administrator account, the remaining disk space is greater than 100M, in order to successfully create 365 disk encryption.

4, in the case of the virus protection software to intercept, please release and join the trust bank.

5, create 365 disk encryption about tens of seconds, please wait until the pop-up password login window, after a successful login to create an encrypted disk R: locally, its operation with the local disk without distinction, stored in R disk encryption: the file will be automatically encrypted. Close: after the disk encryption R disk encryption R: automatically disappear, leaving no trace of the local.

6, the various types of files such as documents, pictures, video, audio files can be encrypted and protected; a variety of software such as QQ, e-mail, games, software and database application system to install 365 encrypted disk encryption protection.

All your information 7, encrypted and stored in the mysecbox.365 container, please backup the file and save the file, after as long as the correct password and file mysecbox.365 will be able to re open.

365 data leakage prevention technology system

The anti leakage technology thinking system is different from the traditional type of closure, but the design concept of anti leak new type dredge, the utility model has the advantages of:

1, security mode and normal mode dual mode switch, can keep the original computer function unchanged, choose a flexible work mode, to achieve the perfect combination of safety and convenience.

2, "forced dense disk storage: full control of the document in the whole life cycle, the document is stored in a forced dense disk, dense disk file into not only, unless authorized; mandatory access control, even if the legitimate users and documents the author will not take data.

3, "close out no trace: dense disk document in the process of using (open, read, edit and save operation), do not generate temporary files and intermediate files on the local disk, so no residual files information in dense disk outside.

4, "the document not only into the" internal document was created by compulsory storage can not go out on the server, unless authorized; the external document once entering the server will not go out, unless authorized.

5, to overcome the encrypted file transparent encryption technology in security product damage, reduced system performance and application environment of poor compatibility problems; to overcome the waterproof wall type of security products are easily intercepted by anti-virus software, uninstall, delete the file format, kill the process system, installed dual system, PE system, startup disk boot the Ghost system or restore the system installation activities lead to door control problem.

6, the hacker trojan virus protection technology innovation, the existing system security reinforcement, make up the shortage of antivirus software, it can not be a passive defense "of the new virus defense and lack of timely firewall, intrusion detection and security gateway products to deal with the new hacker Trojan attack.

7, the integration of hardware and software design of products. Compared with the pure software products, the system is more stable, more reliable, more secure, more easy to use, users with lower maintenance cost.

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