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FlashFXP cracked version of the modified version of green free installation v4.4.2.2012 FlashFXP crack version download | FlashFXP crack version free installation The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: FlashFXP FTP tools

FlashFXP Cracked version Provide good service for your file cache, have various excellent characteristics, to achieve different types of documents, provide all kinds of scheduling tasks, to bring you the best file upload and download experience!

FlashFXP crack version introduction

FlashFXP is a powerful FXP/FTP software, combines the advantages of some other excellent FTP software, such as CuteFTP can compare folder support color text display; as BpFTP support multiple folders Choice File to the cache folder;

 FlashFXP crack version

Function introduction

You can show or hide the "hidden" files and folders; support each site using passive mode.

Support folder (tape folder) file transfer, support upload, download and delete; three party filename; can skip the specified file type, only the file transfer;

You can define different types of documents show color;

LeapFTP like the appearance of the interface, and the design seems to have differential phase.

The remote can cache folder list, support FTP and Socks agent 3&4; can avoid idle function, prevent being kicked out of the site;

Update log


Fixed a problem with global scheduling tasks / file transfer rules of each site is not applicable, the task file transfer rule instead of the scheduled tasks always application defined, even if it is not defined.

Plan > fixed new / edit task schedule > tab repeat settings, until being allowed before the Vista version of Windows is not selected, but only Vista do not need this setting must be completed. (this is the old version of the additional features not found task scheduler and a new version of Windows specific Windows)

Fixed a problem with that plan task using dynamic queue will create a temporary file every time you run the task queue.


Update language.

Update to OpenSSL1.0.1e

Correction of several problems, plan tasks will not transfer files show no error in the task scheduling and.

Fixed an access violation crash, if FlashFXP is a child Dialog box Waiting for user input, the taskbar is closed.

Fixed a problem when trying to drag / drop in remote file Browser Move the mouse cursor, disappear.

Add: change the application data folder through the installation of maintenance mode after installation (control panel / procedures and functions).

The revised plan task will prompt the user if the untrusted server certificate or the host key problem will now automatically reject any trusted host.

Fixed a problem, estimated time remaining queue are incorrectly calculated when uploading.

If the server connection is refused or overtime may lead to a deadlock in FlashFXP will cause it to freeze 30 seconds close socket problem.

To solve the FTP file upload using active mode (PORT) crash data connection.

V4.1.0.1628 Final Green finished version of the fire update:

1. Fixed A / V at the start of the 3.6 edition of the main occurrence upgrade The main window behind the dialog box will appear when the recovery queue dialog box also display.

2. To optimize the memory and resources used to schedule tasks to run FlashFXP.

3. Change the status window drawing code of the console, please let me know if you have any problems.

4. Optimization of automatic save queue function, but it can sometimes trigger the normal range of the last minute saved automatically triggers only once saved several seconds if the queue is modified.

5. Z model to solve the problem of incomplete upload and download damage, and not the correct size is the report of the session state in the window.

6. To optimize the performance of memory usage and some internal data list.

7. Optimization of the garbage collection shell local browser, use the volume list caused by garbage collection containers never compressed the entire program additional and unnecessary memory.

8. Fixed some strange ball A / V run FlashFXP from the command line error.

9. Fixed some of the queue button in the editor's country enable / disable incorrect, source / target, in some cases was reversed.

10. Optimization of the queue storage list view properties displayed in the add / remove items.

* use KEYGEN to generate 4.x KEY can be registered!

* the initial run prompted KEY, "input code can automatically complete the registration.

* after a simple Chinese, the official Chinese language pack is not complete place to further improve, with more.

* portable. All documents are written into other directories, no need to install, use U disk to carry away.

Software screenshot

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