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The navigation bar chart iPhone version of the v7.5.6 version of Apple's mobile phone The navigation bar chart IOS download | Bar navigation iPhone version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Figure. Navigation Is dedicated to the professional development of the navigation software for mobile phone users, with experience in map navigation service for 10 years, powerful search and location route search function allows you to quickly find out where you want to go, but also provides the voice navigation function, let you easily drive freely. Navigation does not charge flow for you, that the 3D version of the intersection of the details, for you to the full range of services, powerful friends quickly download it!

 The navigation bar chart

More than half of the navigation bar chart together

The navigation bar chart is a bar chart technology professional car navigation software development of the mobile phone users. Powerful location search and route query function, to help you quickly find restaurants, hotels, banks, supermarkets, shopping malls, gas station and other surrounding living facilities, and Choice Bus, driving, walking three route planning method. At the same time provide professional real voice navigation, quickly and accurately will take you to the destination. The strong support of location search and route query function, while providing professional real voice navigation, quickly and accurately will take you to the destination. The navigation process is not only the 0 flow, for users to display real intersection details, a timely reminder of the electronic eye monitoring. Figure it is a professional technology to provide navigation services, and the first batch of electronic map license of high-tech enterprises. Figure it has 10 years of service experience to provide professional map navigation, map navigation services for millions of users, reflects the international professional standards of navigation products.

Bar navigation IOS version features

Precise positioning, 0.2 seconds fast search positioning, unique GPS, Wifi, base station Hybrid positioning technology;

Location sharing, sharing and support SMS location sharing function web;

real time Traffic Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, support, Shenzhen and other 36 City real time traffic information;

Search around, support the restaurants around my position, Shopping Parking lot, and any other information search;

Rich information, information about 30000000, the most complete information database, click on more details;

The latest data, the latest data update in the spring of 2012, a total of 300 thousand kilometers of new roads, 1 million 300 thousand points of interest;

Real prices, intuitive price display, updated daily, take you to find the cheapest gas station;

Compass mode, map compass, mobile phone based on automatic rotation toward the map, so that you will not get lost;

Drive navigation, navigation route planning, full voice broadcast, electronic eye reminder, half an hour only 0.2M traffic.

Offline map, more provincial traffic, vector data, small volume, the data is only 240M;

To update the content

V6.4.3 update log


UI - a new facelift, more modern, better support cross screen;

User password modify / support center ";

- new offline map download, 35 provincial data, the real network traffic navigation 0;

Map - home new " Tachograph "Function, ease travel records, the scenery along the way;

New service channel: "a key to the rescue" and "price assessment" and "maintenance" on behalf of the driving Goods are available in all varieties;

- more detailed information around, wonderful on your side.

Optimization []

Optimization of offline data download function, less resource intensive;

- Fixed some problems, optimization of function experience.

V6.3.6 update log

30 million points of interest, rich data update.

20 million various types of electronic eye data, avoid the trouble ticket.

More than 30 city real-time traffic, travel all the way through.

More trajectory The bus query records, weather forecast, and other useful features

100% Free flow amount Offline navigation There are no data, net net can be used.

More than 80000 real buildings, personally on the scene 3D map.

New in version 6.3.5

1. electronic eye data update, more accurate, zero;

2. navigation function optimization to avoid congestion, more intelligent, more intimate voice broadcast;

The 3. part of the search and repair problem page optimization.

Software screenshot

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