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Southern horoscopes software V2.14 Chinese cracked version _ of Fillmore Southern horoscopes Version 2.14 crack | The group of eight software The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: The group of eight

The more than 20 reference software South horoscopes numerology works, collecting more than 10000 assertion, take care of the general pattern and special pattern (such as for Wang, from the weak, from the potential, gas, Paul, two, from the strong edge, Tianyuan, a God as four pure and Sanqi etc.), full face comment on all aspects of life. Love friends quickly download a try!

Computer horoscopes include:

1, character analysis (structure, failure, Wang hi God, grade eight) 2, 3, 4, the character of marriage has 5 siblings, children 6, 7, 8, will cause the health status of 9, 10, 11 ancestral parents, Yuncheng internal remedial measures
The software is mainly based on the need to find God, eight students Fu Hou, customs clearance and decide, not only is lattice, and the lattice.
Eight hi God is born, such as eight seawood, eight hi golden fire, is also pregnant with one God, as the following character: Dinghai Dinghai Chen Geng Chen
Ding Huosheng Hai, Wang in the water column, the general wood fire on the main support, but because a wood with joy, kevita split a lead and a wood Ding, for God, for God kevita. Such as the name, location, remedial measures such as color to a wood with five lines of God on behalf of.

 Southern horoscopes crack Version 2.14

The manual with God:

The South after a lot of testing, the accuracy of the software to find the South hi God in 80-90%, if you think some software board find joy with God is not accurate, the software provides manual selection of happy, happy after you select the program will run down according to your meaning.
The note prior to the month when the Universiade column, "time distance" or "time change" will run under this agreement.
In the program "poor mirror" and "three lives" in the blue part of the text of the life with you from the well, which is the program selected.
Computer group of eight life release is a "rough draft", people understand numerology on the basis of "Qucuqujing", can easily get a good life.
This program of work experience: 1882 is a month earlier (February 18, 1882) to December 2060 twenty-nine, a total of 179 years.

The procedures used by Perpetual calendar The following data reference books:

"Folk" 8 month calendar almanac 1988 years the first edition of Clarendon Press
"General" 3 month calendar to learn 1993 years of the first edition of Shenyang press
The 5000 year long "calendar" for 2002 years 10 months of the first edition of China Meteorological Press
"Easy to learn" forecast calendar July 2003 first edition of Zhongzhou ancient books publishing house

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