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360 game hall v5.0.51 official version of the Android mobile phone version 360 game hall app download | The 360 version of mobile phone game hall The score: 8

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Mobile Games introduction

360 mobile phone The game hall Android version By 360 Mobile game Changed its name, created by the 360 official company. Here, the whole network easily download the latest and the most fun, the most popular games; here, you can also record your game all uploaded to the game show, show your record to win the game player a chance to do worship, encounter the most real and hot female game game player! 360 game hall The use of simple, convenient to shake gently to start the game, you play Mobile Games mass.

360 mobile phone game The hall features

The 1. game is rich in resources, the game featured

Farewell to the stereotyped, Xiao Bian recommended at home and abroad on senior high grade game

2. massive game packs, real-time alerts issued time

The massive game packs, help your avatar RMB warrior; more packs remind function, mother don't have to worry about me not to rush

3. new service are a timely reminder, receive free beta codes

The whole platform opening service game open test in advance, the first step to win at the starting line

Four Game information The new.

Daily updated game information, Madden game gossip, hot game goddess let you go...

 360 mobile phone game hall

The 360 version of mobile phone game hall function

Any massive game you play

Selected thousands of games

The first time to play the latest hot game

trumpet Do not open the serial number

Exclusive first trumpet open function

At the same time the trumpet will not login multiple serial number

Enjoy the privilege of playing games

Enjoy the game privilege

Game props packs every free collar

The mouse memory, hands free

The repetitive operation only need to record a

You can liberate your hands

Common problem

Would you please tell me how to use the "mouse" memories of this function?

Click the "record", it begins to record your mouse, click stop, it will stop recording. Then you click on the "playback", it will automatically playback before you record mouse movements. If you want to automatically replay 100 times, 100 set in the above, repeat playback after 100 times, it will automatically stop.

How to make the 360 grade fast promotion?

A day after the provisions of the 360 member central task is to enhance the level of the way.

Update log

1. rich home game content recommendation, recommendation game dimension expansion.

2. optimization with the amount of functional experience.

3. fixed line B UG .

Mobile Games.

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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The second floor of the 137844.xyz guest users Published: 2017/5/18 18:26:27
The 360 game hall inside a variety of mobile phone have ah! Single, Mobile Games are very complete, I am looking for a basic, praise!!!

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The building 1 1 guest users Published: 2017/7/7 22:17:43
360 are fine! The game, download free, fast, people are very optimistic about the 360 game hall

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