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Software introduction

WinEdt The general is a very powerful text editor . Outstanding scheme of WinEdt, which can be set for different modes, the spelling checker supports multiple language settings. On its official website, can be downloaded to the multilingual dictionary ( Word -lists).

 Winedt7.0 ri

WinEdt tips

Related Chinese characters

Q: in the WinEdt region after Chinese characters input, edit display is garbled, how to solve?

A: Options-Settings-Language

Select the "Wide (16-bit) Characters Enabled"

Related background

Q: how to change the text background color in WinEdt?

A: Options-Highlighting-Background Schemes

The tool has a Change Background Color, can change the background color

Or above the bar has a Set Background Bitmap, can change the background picture Q: how to set the line number and column bookmarks bar in WinEdt color?

A: Options-Highlighting-Background Schemes

Double click the Bookmarks Panel Background can adjust the left column (bookmarks bar) color

Double click the Line numbers can adjust the number of color bar

Related documents

Q: set in the WinEdt file and how?

A: Options-Configuration Wizard-Shell Configuration Wizard-

Filetype Asscociations-Modify filetype AsscociationsQ: in WinEdt in the start does not open any file?

A: Options-Preferences-Project-Restore Opened Files, put it in front of the hook removed

How to set the default directory Q: WinEdt file open access?

A: Options-Menu Setup-Main Menu-&File-&Open

Start in in the default directory settings you want

Set folder to and select "Start in"

Wrap related

Wrap Q: how to remove WinEdt?

A: WinEdt editing window at the bottom of the state in a wrap, the Q: WinEdt click on the gray always automatically put a few words to shrink line, how to solve?

Turn off the function of wrap A: 1.

2. in each row of the first word is preceded by a space or a "Tab"

How Q: in WinEdt to wrap in the first n characters?

A: Options-Preferences-Editor-Right Margin

After the number of character set spaces wrap

Edit /TeX

Q: how to display line numbers in WinEdt?

A: 1. WinEdt editing window at the bottom of the state during the fourth line number, click

2. in the edit window left click the right mouse button in the pop-up menu. Choice "Show Line Numbers"

3. hotkey Ctrl + "=" Q: WinEdt's environment (\begin{}... \end{}) automatic complement function?

A: \begin{equation} \end{equation} as an example to..:

The use of \begin{equation}} 1. input

The use of \begin{equation}> 2. input, if not \end{...}, and the first party

The same method; if after a few \end{...}, such as \end{document}, the system will pop up

Change window Environment, equation input, \end{document} will automatically

Instead of \end{equation}

The use of \end{{3. input

Q: how to use the above in the CTX file automatically complement function?

A: Options-Preferences-Modes, *.ctx increased after TeX

And click the status line of the DATA present in the CTX file, the Document Mode changed to TeX

How Q: in WinEdt automatic generation environment?

A: Options-Menu Setup-Popup Menus

Select Environments in the Items, Attributes and Enabled in the selected

Then you can use the hotkey Ctrl + Alt + E in editing tex files automatically generated some common environment

How to remove the Q: tex files when compiling the DOS window?

A: Options-TeX Configuration Wizard...

Select the Background Execution Mode or Detached Execution Mode will pop-up window

How to make PDFLaTeX/LaTeX Q: compiled by acrobat automatically open the compiled PDF file?

A: Options-Configuration Wizard-TeX - Configuration Wizard...

Customize Execution Mode-Run Viewer

Select PDFLaTeX/LaTeX

Q: compiled by PDFLaTeX/LaTeX after, sometimes there will be a DOS window, press any key to continue, such as

What makes the DOS window automatically closes?

A: Options-Configuration Wizard-TeX - Configuration Wizard...

Customize Execution Mode-Run TeX Accessories through BATCH Files

Remove the PDFLaTeX/LaTeX in front of the hook


Used as a Slide Latex extension, its characteristic is to preserve the Latex \section structure, which can automatically generate the frame index in the beamer installation package also includes a number of other TeX simulation example of the expansion. Requirements: LaTeX, PGF (LaTeX Portable Graphics Format)


Specific usage see beamer/doc/beameruserguide.pdf and pgf/pgfuserguide.pdf.

Compile time directly click on the PdfLatex. compiler can generate two bookmarks in pdf.

There are several examples of beamer/examples, including how to use Chinese (beamerexample4.tex), but the examples do not compile successfully, which should be








Fillmore tutorial

Run registry REPT.exe, click the Patch button, will be prompted to search, find the installation directory under the winedt.exe open OK

Decompression password:

Software screenshot

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