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Software introduction

Iebook super Elf Is a professional The electronic magazine production software The official media, launched by flying. Provide a rich template resources collocation compiling system, mixing technology, 3D virtual technology, can produce a variety of different effects of the electronic magazine. Quickly download experience!


Iebook super wizard is a professional production of electronic magazine production Promotion software Iebook, super elf is a professional electronic magazine into the Internet mobile phone terminal, mobile terminal and digital television terminal 3D Integration Communication System of production promotion system. Using the component-based design concept of the international advanced production process, the integration of the electronic magazine, will be part of similar procedures for component design, electronic magazine reusable and efficient synthesis of standardization.

Iebook features

1. fool operation: WYSIWYG editor, let iebook users can quickly get started to produce H5. (H5 page production, H5 marketing, H5 page development, WeChat Application of the scene, micro magazine, online H5 page making tool H5 micro marketing).

Application of iebook super elf places include: Enterprise Propaganda Micro magazines, product introduction, sales promotion, appointment registration, conference organization, collect feedback, WeChat powder, website, wedding invitations, greetings guide etc........

2. functions: to provide a picture, text, music, video, registration form, direct dial telephone, links and other common functions, in addition to providing a smear, fingerprint, Atlas and other specific functions, allowing users to make multiple functions of H5 micro scene.

3. rich ready-made function combination: iebook through the combination of functions, optimize the function of the use of the process, users can use disposable combination of good function, convenient user operation.

Iebook super template 60 industries, 60 sets of industry template package, to meet all the needs of the industry! 100000+ material: massive template, continue to provide to provide users with a large number of scenes and sample template, so that users can according to the template, change the text and pictures can make a beautiful H5.

Iebook super skin iebook specifically tailored for the user according to the company / brand image design and development of super skin solution. Combining with the enterprise culture and coordinate the overall style by dozens of designer iebook creative design department according to the industry, the company concentrated culture essence characteristics, design and development, creative choreography professional skin H5.

Iebook super user management statistics on mobile phone and edit H5. H5 was released, immediately synchronized to the cloud server, and allows the user to double end can manage the project and data dissemination effect whenever and wherever possible to monitor the scene.

The function of iebook

Iebook display technology including super wizard:

The world's only electronic magazine online statistics system

Break Build

Custom size editing technology

A full set of skin replacement technology

Reading online statistics system (the first in the world)

Bookmark Graffiti

Online Message and Communication System

Intelligent mixing technology (Smart Audio Mixing)

Embedded video technology (Video Assembled)

The 3D virtual technology (Virtual Reality 3D)

Virtual reality video (Virtual Reality Video)

The 3D scene technology (3D Modelling Products)

Mouse tracking technology (Mouse Pursue)

Dynamic (Change of Skin) Eurocargo Technology

360 degree rotation (Circumgyrate Display)

The data tracking technology (Data Pursue)

Simulation of GIS (GIS Simulation)

Panoramic virtual technology (Virtual Reality Panorama)

The new version of iebook super wizard 2011 update 20 functions, which focuses on the following 10:

Text editing function enhancement, editing interface more intuitive, unlimited text word count exceeded 3000

Increase image editing JPG output quality choice, control the size of the magazine

The latest Macromedia FLASH 9 file format support, show better sound effects

The revised confirmation prompts, to remind the user to check whether the correct modification

Support online logo design, easy online design company, brand logo (iein India Kung Fu)

To increase the layout of drag function, can use the mouse to change page order

Support online advertising production, dynamic advertising to easily create custom size

Improve the online statistical functions, support more super business statistics

Update log

V8.0.0.1 update:

1.xp/win7 black white screen has been fixed;

The 2.win8/win10 system is not properly installed has been repaired;

3. frequent operation error has been fixed;

4. new Iebook super H5 software, good computer / mobile phone / tablet in the magazine can watch.

Software screenshot

Download address

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Powerful, very intuitive interface is also 6!

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