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Cow image software v2.7.2.2001 Free Edition Cow image green version | Cow image software The score: 8

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Software introduction

Cattle Green version of the image Is a very easy to use graphics image processing Can produce a variety of software, online graphics, intelligent preview using simple preservation. Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience!

Images of cattle The official introduction

Image processing software is completely free, easy to use, fast and powerful picture library management photo beautification process, let you easily become the digital photo processing expert. Thousands of wonderful scenes, non mainstream lovely jewelry, Studio Effects and so on, say goodbye to cumbersome PS, only 1 minutes immediately become the embodiment of star image

 Cow image Green Edition

Cow image features green edition

Easy create personalized calendar, baby photos, wedding photos

With hundreds of calendars, baby photos, wedding photos, non mainstream scene

Cow image without any knowledge can easily create PS skills

Super beauty portrait and Studio Effects

With the eyelashes, eye shadow, wig, you immediately turned

Cow image contains the most popular effect of dozens of art studio effects, sketch, nostalgia, put the photos easily into works of Art

This cow image online production of super PS effects, professional production effect

Cow image contains color pencil, watercolor, woodcuts, drawings, mosaic, glass and other kinds of 47 style filter,

Support the three party PS filters, special ability of unlimited expansion, easy to produce comparable with PS filter Beauty Filter effect.

Funny Bobblehead, spoof your friends around

Instantly make friends turned head cartoon dolls, spoof of innocence, rational entertainment.

Just a second, immediately let you become a star"

Street advertising, CCTV News... Let you become a star appeared in the real scene, to share the happiness with friends

All kinds of scenes of a total of more than 3000 kinds, more updated daily scene, every day a new surprise.

Cool flash map and find that instantly make picture "shiny".

Hundreds of popular USB flash map, do Head portrait Do, signature, non mainstream effect coolest

Cow image editing super simple, exclusive flashing speed adjustment, the speed is up to you

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First, Zhejiang Unicom users guests Published: 2014/9/13 12:10:16
Can not only beautify the picture, some pictures, very easy to use.

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