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Pie IOS the old version of the v6.0.015 iPhone version of history Apple Pie sent the old version download | The old version of IOS pie The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Pie Dating

How to download apple Pie The old version? The old version of the 6.0.105 apple pie Is a very good Dating Application, pronunciation, text interactive support group chat function, let you easily find intimate friends! Users can also create their own groups here, to create one of their own family, enjoy the entertainment and date! Welcome to download experience network resources.

Software introduction

Pie, entertainment and social APP chat together, through entertainment and party hi chat form to create borderless social, fast efficient and convenient to establish social relationships. The young man is committed to creating a feeling of belonging, and fast interactive entertainment platforms, to provide users with interesting, useful, useful and fun social products.

Pie, Happy camp Recommended social software! Dynamic expression is not exciting enough? The direct "dynamic" him! Full screen "stunt" to express all of your feelings, completely shocked the opposite of "Ta"! Send to send your message to it from out of the ordinary!

 Apple Pie sent the old version

The old version of apple pie features

1., the establishment of a family to bar, which is a unity and a group of friends platform human

2. everyone on the wheat, to chat, this is a "full of sound and colour characteristics of the Internet platform

3. cool message: let the message can be sent from the rich "dynamic expression, the expression of the text can not be emotional, fun and free, or HD dynamic expression!

4. what is the "fillip theurgy" and what is "* wave qigong"? This is not only a platform to make friends, or a "martial arts" in the virtual world

Sends the old version of IOS software features

1. talk, open chat fun whenever and wherever possible.

2. party hi talk, completely free.

3. support Sina micro-blog Tencent. QQ Mobile phone number, login directly. gather

Four Choice Are you interested in chatting with Buddy interaction.

5. talk to the topic of common interest and establish friendship, love and relationship.

6. grade system, gift show personality of their own.

7. support Give the thumbs-up Gifts, skills and other forms of interactive interactive fun.

8 personal homepage and upload your photos, fill out personal information like themselves do not display.

On line 9. new interface system, allows you to quickly smooth interactive chat with TA high.

10. full support for iPhone, iPodtouch and other apple mobile devices, and mobile phone Android2.1 version, support a variety of network access methods.

To update the content

The 1. amendment the old version of crash problem

2. new left slide list displays the chat area

With 3. self built and official area, self management can collect gold

Software screenshot

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