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Software introduction

The beautiful village of app Is a village life oriented service software in rural specialty Sale Rural tourism, Agritainment Rich, delicacy recommendation service, the latest real-time push, and the latest information of the rich content, caring service, need friends to download it quickly!

Software introduction

The beautiful village to the 403 feature of the town as a starting point, rich resources of rural accommodation play purchase, improve rural travel quality, to provide reliable village attractions, accommodation, specialty, farmhouse, user reviews and preferential information, and extends to the local hot spots, food, customs, local information (medical and education, transportation) and the local social circle and help to improve the rural service experience.

 The beautiful village

The beautiful village of APP function

1, farmhouse: authentic farmhouse, primitive life experience

2, rural specialty: by local cooperatives, one town one product, the real product

3, the local hot spot information: town construction, rural information, folk heritage, to attractions, gourmet specialties, new agriculture

4, the town circle: Villages and small towns Circle of friends Face the aboriginal idle away in seeking pleasure.

5, rural tourism: the ancient town, stop and go, one scene together is the meaning of travel

6, creative home: more than you can imagine and oh

Developer: Shenzhen prizexpress Technology Development Co. Ltd.

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