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The official version of the Android v5.65.2.5680 mobile phone thunder 2018 Download mobile phone version of app| Thunder 2018 mobile phone The score: 8

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Software introduction

Thunder Mobile phone edition Just before the grenade renamed from the thunder company for Android mobile phone users to download tools, a free download massive resources, video files can also side below sowing, no need to wait for the completion of software also provides; Beauty live Love to accompany you, hey earthshaking.

The official introduction

Mobile phone thunder Not only is the download! The more massive resources, only one app, enjoy the whole network blockbuster. What?! A large piece of heat, can not find? Try a sniffer, you want to see who can find. Without membership, exclusive P2SP technology, free bottom edge broadcast. Synchronous PC offline space, support remote download, DLNA, realize the perfect integration of mobile phone and smart devices. All kinds of resources, share a key, easy to share resources and friends.

 Download mobile phone version of app

Our mobile phone features

One Thunder 7 Video resource list synchronization, Cloud View can be convenient, consumer PC thunderbolt download task;

2. offline space cloud downloading and VOD, without a network, see the "" children under the computer using a mobile phone;

3. free online broadcast cloud, do not download can timely watch; personal center play records, the last direct continued broadcasting content;

The 4. page resource character customization, display update, self Choice ;

5. custom download path, my mobile phone to me;

6. optimize the search results, increase search records, to facilitate the re search, you can search the entire network to search more advantages and resources.

Thunder app function

[] the bottom edge broadcast without transcoding, without waiting, next to play video files

[download speed] 400 million users worldwide download tools, ten years of precipitation technology, support for downloading files of various formats

[url] love collection of video website, a key to quickly open

[floating window player] chat or browse the web, watch videos, easily switch

[share Circle of friends ] exciting content to share with your friends

[Live] beauty beauty online 24 hours live, whenever and wherever possible to lift up

Update log

V5.65.2.5680 update:

1. starting performance optimization;

2. player increase playback speed;

Some of the known 3. repair B UG .

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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The first floor Shanghai Minhang cable through guest users Published: 2014/12/17 21:02:39
Mobile phone thunder, referred to as the grenade, why not call

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