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Skype Internet phone 2017 v7.34.99.103 official version Skype official download Skype Internet phone 2017 User ratings: 8

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Skype is a very popular network voice chat artifact. It can be used for free high-definition voice conversations with other users, and can also make international calls. It also has other functions required by IM, such as file transfer, text chat, etc. Welcome to download the latest official version of the green resources website.

Skype official website

Skype is super clear. Internet phone Tools, inter computer calls are always free. For domestic and international fixed / mobile phones, only city phone calls!

No matter where you are, you can enjoy free chat with Skype users.

 Download the latest version of Skype

Main features of Skype computer version


Palm message. Use instant messages, voice messages and send text messages to chat whenever and wherever you want.


Seeing is believing. Use video to communicate face-to-face or group chat.


Keep in contact. Make free Skype to Skype calls or call domestic and foreign mobile phones and landlines at low rates.


Share your wonderful world. Sending photos, videos and files is not limited to size. The secret recipe for grandma can be found in a blink of an eye.

Other functions of Skype software

1. dial the phone and the landline.

Call the world's mobile phones and landlines at low rates.

2. group calls

Add multiple caller for group calls - you can add up to 25 caller.

3.Skype number

If your friend dials this number, you can answer it anywhere in the world through Skype.

4.Skype to Skype call

Make free calls to any Skype user, no matter where the other person is.

5.Skype one touch call

Just a little bit, you can achieve the function of browsing web pages and making phone calls.


Make an international call through any phone at Skype rate.

7. call transfer

Not online or inconvenient to answer the phone? Transfer the Skype call to any phone.

8. caller ID display

Do not let your number be displayed as an unknown number. Let the caller know that you are calling them.

9. group video calls

Let friends gather at the same time through video calls.

10. one to one video call

Face to face conversation.

11.Skype Manager

A tool for creating Skype accounts, assigning points and functions.


More than 2 million public hotspots are online.


Skype calls are made through existing SIP enabled PBX.

14.Skype translation

Want to chat with friends with different languages? Translate voice calls, video calls and instant messages.

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