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Sogou Pinyin input method v9.3.0.2912 PC version of the official Sogou input method 2019 official download | Sogou Pinyin The users score: 8

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Software introduction

Sogou Pinyin input method 2019 (Sogou) Sogou company launched a powerful smart Pinyin Typewriting Combined, the search engine technology, input more quickly; meet the design user habits, input more convenient, more convenient to use. The input tool is very intelligent, quickly download experience!

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Sogou input method introduce

Sogou Pinyin (Sogou Pinyin input method) is different from the traditional input method, the search engine technology, is the second generation of input method. As a result of the search engine technology, the input speed has been a qualitative leap, the breadth of the thesaurus, word accuracy, Sogou input method is far ahead of the other input methods. At the same time, Sogou input method to input field hitherto unknown speed, released a version of 10 in 10 months. Almost every version of a number of major improvements. Sogou input method 6 2006 was born in april. After more than a year of rapid development, Sogou input method currently in the thesaurus, the word smart group, advanced features, usability design, overall appearance is more than all the other input methods.

 Sogou input method official download

Sogou input method 2019 features

1. quick update

Unlike many rely on input method upgrade To update the thesaurus, Sogou Pinyin by irregular online update method. This reduces the user's own word time.

2. words in the Internet

Sohu will network as one of the biggest advantages of Sogou Pinyin words. In view of the Sohu the company also developed search engine advantage, Sohu said in software development In the process of analysis of the 4 billion ", the words and phrases according to the use frequency, rearrange. The accuracy rate of contrast in the official homepage and the Sohu production of similar products preferred word. It is shown that the design of Sogou Pinyin can indeed improve typing speed to a certain extent.

3. stroke input

The input to the "U" guide "H" (cross), "s" (vertical), "P" (left) and "n" (Na, also "d" (DOT)), "t" (provided) with a pen input character structure.

4. character input

The user can Choice A variety of wonderful skin, automatic replacement of a "more every day;; skin; function > series. According to the latest version of the "I" button can be opened quickly peels.

5. integration symbol

This is a similar products have done, such as pinyin gaga. But many emoticons Sogou Pinyin will also integrate into the lexicon, such as input "haha" to be "^_^". In addition to providing some user-defined abbreviations, such as input "QQ", was "my QQ number is XXXXXX.

6. screenshot function

In the options open, select disable and install, uninstall.

Use help

1. Sogou input method how to input characters?

Love to write traditional Chinese characters, children pay attention to you, hold down the "Crtl+shift+F", or in the status bar directly "simplified switch" can spell out the characters.

 Sogou Pinyin input method 2017 official download

2. do not know how to split the input word?

Enter "U" and fellow radicals can, such as "Ben", as long as the spelling of "uniuniuniu"; the word cannot be split, u input and man strokes, such as "Trojan", input "uhspn", meaning that u did leave Na.

 Sogou input method 2017

3. how to play the beautiful color text?

Set from the properties - Advanced - Custom phrases - add a new definition, "maimeng=o'w'o".

 Sogou input method 2017 official download

Update log

V9.3.0.2912 update:

Screenshot tool interface update

The results show the cloud logic optimization

In English mixed transportation optimization results

Punctuation matching improved compatibility

Right click menu interface adjustment

Fixed some known issues

Xiaobian comments

Sogou input method is really good, very smart, small computer has been installed is Sogou Pinyin, can remember the intelligent input habits, typing efficiency for editors, can greatly improve the working efficiency.

Software screenshot

Download address

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