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Pioneer 2000 analog mixer (virtualdj) v8.2.3432 Chinese cracked version Pioneer mixer version 2000 crack download | Pioneer 2000 analog mixer (virtualdj) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Pioneer 2000 Turntables.

Pioneer 2000 simulation Turntables. (virtualdj) Simulation is a professional DJing software, it can let you play several songs at the same time, the general MP3 player, most only once put a song, but the use of VDJ in a six song, also can make music series and so on, let your dream DJ high. There is love to play music with a dish of dream, buy professional equipment price is very high, do not try to prevent the pioneer 2000 analog mixer 8 Chinese version.

Pioneer 2000 mixer features

Two independent players for zero delay:

O standard controls (play, pause, stop, prompt)

Volume control?

Pitch control? (-34 to +34%)

O three band equalizer and kill + gain

* key beat matching and synchronization (New FAME algorithm)

* BeatLock engine: your songs will always stay in time, you can take your mix incredible speed may be more than any other DJ

* Automatic beat matching crossfading

* the automatic calculation of dynamic BPM

* automatic pitch matching

* automatic level matching

* Automatic beat matching

Dynamic visualization for Drag'n'drop * beat, beat,

 Pioneer turntables crack version 2000

Real time simulation of scratch *

* automatically beat and finally beat detection

* 4 / 4 automatic phase detection

* network synchronous oscillation

* broadcast on the Internet

* CD to MP3 encoder

* optional 3D sound card, sound card or Y 2 for real-time monitoring using separator or external mixtable

* support ASIO card compatibility

* (fully customizable skin engine and quick macro enngine)

External MIDI keyboard shortcuts compatibility

* compatible with most external controller (DMC2, DAC3, iCDX, TotalControl, BCD2000, DJConsole etc...)

* unlimited number beatlocked desk (local multi instance or network)

* unlimited number and save each song hint

The effect of anti drug awareness * plug-ins (including: beatgrid, Foley, vocal removal, filtering, edge, backspin, brake etc...)

* compatible with VST effect

* video and television output (mixed and / or combination of video clips of songs!)

* full support for Cara OK

* FreeFrame exclusive video effects

At the same time, the number of * Inifite video effect

* DJ - based video conversion plug

* song and easy to use the search function of the database engine

*: scratch your MP3 virtual head with your bare hands

* Automatic beat know loop function

* figure sampling groove and the 12 moment

* master speed distance algorithm

* CoverFlow or plain text song

* the playlist is compatible with iTunes

ID3 compatibility

* automatic filter folder

* automatic hot swappable external drive machine

* ready to burn files to record the CD mix your own

The new version of the function

1. Virtual DJ 8 DJ turntables professional edition software, world-class turntables, universal.

2. Virtual DJ 8.0 software, the main effect is enhanced more than 100, the total memory size of 150M significantly enhanced the VDJ7.0 software, look more professional. Each different effect timbre can let you instantly become an excellent DJ.

3. sampling perfect sound, adding new sampling, of course you can set sampling.

4. skin also increased several, choosing the size of the resolution of the skin, make you more comfortable vision.

5.VDJ8.0 software and VDJ 7 software operation is basically the same.

Download after decompression, run the installation and configuration of.BAT delete "to complete the installation, and then run the virtualdj version.Exe, or not run

Software screenshot

Download address

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