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360 mobile phone version of the v7.1.0 version of iPhone jailbreak IOS guards 360 version of the official download | Apple Guardian 360 mobile phone guards IOS version The users score: 8

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Software introduction

Three hundred and sixty Mobile Phone Guardian Apple version Qihoo 360 is a company designed for Apple mobile phone users to create Anti-virus software , the latest version of the 360 Version, ios10 version supports ios9 guards, a killing mobile phone virus, mobile phone security protection quick clean up. Green Resources Network to bring the jailbreak version and not a jailbreak, quickly download experience!

Apple introduced version 360 guards

Free mobile phone application management 360 official produced, providing powerful harassment interception for you can also provide the current network speed, the flow of packages such as the use of useful information for you.

Provide strong album slimming, similar photos, screenshots and photos of filter cleaning and other functions, help your mobile phone to release more space available.

900 million user trust 360 Mobile Phone Guardian Just for you, mobile life more exciting.

360 guards Apple version features

1. light

A smaller memory footprint, help you start 0 seconds

2. refreshing

More refreshing interface, to give you the ultimate experience

3. youth

More variety of skin, let you second youth

4. love.

A more comprehensive security, let technology with temperature

The 360 guards Apple version features

[] Call harassment intercept real-time alerts, harassment or intercept telephone fraud, and no longer afraid of harassment and cheat money advertising intermediary telephone fraud. Updated daily harassment number database, timely and accurate intercept the latest telephone harassment, can easily query attribution.

[network] professional speed speed test 3G, 4G, WiFi, speed tools, accurate, easy to use!

[Photos] clean up regular cleaning of similar or shooting photos, can also be thin on the album, solve the mobile phone space is not enough trouble.

[privacy] by fingerprint or gesture encryption storage of photos and videos, to ensure privacy. Cloud backup and support, the replacement can directly recover.

[security] powerful security scan code The two-dimensional code scanning Tools, online shopping, payment Scan To make sure the address is correct, do not move.

[usage] manage traffic flow management to help you accurately, prevent the flow of excess use caused economic losses.

[notice] center plugin allows you to memory, storage, flow, standby battery and charging time, speed and the air pollution index at a glance, always pay attention to your health and your mobile phone

[] contact sync mail list a key physical optimization, repeated contacts and other problems can easily fix, one button synchronization mail list.

Update log

V7.1.0 update:

360 Mobile Phone Guardian IOS10 harassment interception

One interception four guard

[Mass] identification number of harassment and library business yellow pages information storage, greatly improve the recognition rate.

[] precise breakdown of harassing phone intercept call type identification, the user manually added number, automatic intercept telephone harassment.

[] the telephone tag data cloud tag libraries, users can query and upload the mark strange number.

[updated daily data] updated daily harassment number database, timely and accurate intercept the latest telephone harassment.

Software screenshot

Download address

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