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Skynet personal firewall edition version of the v3.0.0.1015 version of Chinese Skynet firewall crack version download | Skynet personal firewall version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Skynet firewall firewall

Skynet firewall Personal Edition To be able to do all kinds of safety monitoring and control effect is very good, the best service support password protection, to enhance the level of security, stable process protection effect is good, can change the flexible security policy for you, to better ensure the safety of the system!

The official introduction

(hereinafter referred to as the Skynet firewall) is making network security tools for personal computers used by network security laboratory research and development. According to the safety rules set by the system administrator (Security Rules) by network, provide powerful access control, application selection, information filtering and other functions. It can help you resist network intrusion and attacks, prevent information leakage, network security user machine. Skynet firewall network is divided into local networks and the Internet, can according to different from the information network, set up different security programs, it is suitable for any way to connect to the Internet to individual users.

 Skynet firewall version

Skynet personal firewall version features

A real-time monitoring and strict

Firewall security threats from external monitoring, filtering all unauthorized connections, always protect system security.

Second, flexible safety rules

Through the firewall settings panel, can add, delete and modify the firewall rules conveniently, you can according to their own need to develop appropriate rules, if you don't make the rules, only need to adjust the security level to the firewall "extended" level can, according to the official network security environment from time to time to help you upgrade The new rules.

The application of rule three, convenient setting

Reject any unauthorized internal program to connect to the network, thereby blocking all the Trojan virus leaked secret information.

Four, with access to records and sound alarm system

Security threats encountered the alarm, and record the source of the attack and the attack types and other information, so that you can in the first time to grasp the security situation of the system.

Extended safety level five, original

The official in real time according to the network security situation, targeted release of the latest virus Trojan defense rules, let you without complicated settings of the firewall, as long as the security level to "expand" level can, whenever there is a new rule, the firewall will automatically upgrade network, save time and worry.

Six, improve the password protection measures

As a kind of software security attacks, most worried about is the allocation of tampering or firewall by virus hackers shut down, make the system lose protection. A password protection, who view, modify, close the firewall, require a password, thus preventing viruses or malicious hacker firewall to create security vulnerabilities.

Seven, stable process protection

The process can make the process of firewall protection beyond the system level to enjoy a safe treatment, protection of the firewall process was not malicious off, let your firewall such as your system as invulnerable!

Eighth, colorful skin

The built-in firewall sets for your skin Choice You represent the different skin, different mood, highlight the individuality.

Nine, intelligent intrusion detection

According to the intensive attack Skynet firewall will automatically determine the source of the attack and the attack source added to the list, silent. You can choose silence time, or the source is removed from the blacklist. Once the attack source is added to the list of silence from here, all attacks are shielded, so there is no need to re record the complex log and repeated an annoying alarm, do not disturb your work, but also saves the system resources.

Ten, timely information through information

Skynet information through the day and provide all kinds of security techniques and practical security news, let you enjoy the protection system at the same time, we can learn all kinds of safety knowledge. Give a man a fish, as delegate to fish! I believe you in the imperceptibly, also can become a master of network security.

Skynet personal firewall version function

1, to the development of the excellent firewall

2, based on the state inspection packet filtering function

3, with the packet filtering function virtual bridge function

4, with the TCP flag detection function

5, have a two-way network address conversion function

6, with traffic Statistics With the flow limiting function

7, through the interface upgrade, easy to operate

8, is the first international gateway DoS defense technology, can effectively prevent various types of DoS attacks

9, support a network port binding multiple IP addresses, which supports multiple subnets and multiple IP applications.

10, support the binding of IP and MAC address, IP address resource management effectively.

11, with real-time system monitoring function, can observe the running state and the network connection status

12, with real-time alarm function, by dialing and Email alarm

13, with the system operating records, all operations can record the system administrator

Skynet firewall update log

A modified firewall when running the wizard did not check the problem starting with synchronous system.
Two, cancel the log must enter the password (for the administrator password the user has set).
Three, revised default rules when installing no update problem.
Four or more New retail Extended edition version of the rule base and recharge.

Software screenshot

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