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YAHOO assistant 3721 anti spyware expert V3.6 official version 3721 anti spyware experts | Download YAHOO assistant 3721 anti spyware experts The score: 8

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Software introduction

3721 anti espionage experts YAHOO launched the computer Anti-virus software . The main function of the software include virus killing, ad blocking and privacy protection, the depth of killing the virus, blocking software built-in advertising, computer security protection. Hurry to the green resources network download experience!

Software description:

Spyware can steal your Credit Card The card number and password, switch your personal web page, your web search results to guide you don't want to go to the site. That annoying ads, let your personal computer is turtle speed state, or even by remote control. CA Anti-Spyware (formerly known as eTrust PestPatrol Anti-Spyware) can protect your confidential information exposed to all kinds of magic and spyware, prevent the personal computer efficiency decreases because of this kind of threat.

Function introduction:

YAHOO assistant 3721 anti spyware experts show in front of you is the button icon and a new interface style, let you experience more Beauty Visual effect。

 3721 anti spyware experts client

3721 anti spyware experts function highlights: IE repair, safety protection, free antivirus, traces of cleaning, computer startup optimization acceleration, ad blocking, plug-in management, free photo album, assistant school, clean up junk files and so on... Please get more experience in the download function to!


1, clear and perfect software built-in notification bar ads

2, cloud + local twin engine, exterminating the latest virus, intelligence intercept malicious behavior

3, a key scan computer privacy breaches, privacy risk behavior can be told for the first time, autonomous management

4, comprehensive management, malicious advertising, privacy act, computer has become controllable

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