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Corsair M65 mouse driver v1.0.0.11 the latest version of the official Corsair M65 driver download | Corsair M65 mouse driver The score: 8

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Software introduction

Corsair M65 drive Is a very easy to use Mouse driver The program, suitable for the purchase of the pirate ship M65 model mouse users, support on a computer mouse to set a macro welcome to green resources, network download experience!

The official introduction

The driver for the Vengeance M65 FPS Corsair gaming mouse driver provides distribution button, management performance and configuration of M65 driver file management Three modules, users can tag in the key distribution of all key function and delay setting, but does not support advanced macro pace function.

 Corsair M65 driver

A pirate ship M65:

Corsair M65 gaming mouse still inherited the corsair products consistently excellent performance, excellent quality characteristics, but the key is the pirate ship really knows the target consumers, is also in the high-end game player groups function and psychological demands in the pursuit of performance at the same time, expect the difference, and fully show themselves. As for such functions and meet the demands of psychological, making the corsair peripherals with other competing products completely area separated, the formation of differentiated, the peripheral areas of the Red Sea to the blue ocean into a pirate ship Pibozhanlang, making the success of the M65 has become almost inevitable.

Driver updates:

1, when the correction off a macro instruction and open another will repeat some action problems

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