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Diablo 2 perfect equipment library 1.11/1.13 version Diablo 2 Chinese download | equipment library Diablo 2 perfect equipment library The score: 8

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Diablo 2 All the equipment base Including the Diablo 2 metamorphosis Atma library, library equipment equipment Chinese version of Diablo 21.13, Arsenal, by the Green Resources Network Xiaobian carefully organize, most of the Diablo 2 equipment library, quickly download experience!

Diablo 2 equipment library use method

To install Pl UG Y_The_Survival_Kit_v6.01b

Then the _LOD_SharedStashSave.sss (common mode) and _LOD_HC_SharedStashSave.sss (Expert mode) copied to the Save directory.

Copy the *.d2s file directly into the save document, this is the figure of the archive file

Need to modify *.d2i files into this equipment archive

Use the editor to open any existing characters in the archive, inventory point blank characters of the right mouse button, Choice Import, open your *.d2i file on the line. But the equipment to archive and the current version of the same character archive, or import will appear after the characters cannot be used.

When choosing the best preserved in the import save as (the character name change), so even if the wrong version, does not affect your character to use. Then use a large box pour down equipment is good.

Function description:

You can turn on / off all the functions you want

1) personal storage box unlimited (maximum 4294967296 pages)

2) storage box shared pages (4294967296 pages)

3) for The single player game Or server mode Multiplayer games Add World Event and Uber Quest

4) redistribution of allocated skills and attributes

5) modified to support language (equivalent to -locale)

6) the single player game like multiplayer games that always refresh map

7) when starting the game can automatically execute /players X

8) the status bar has more pages to display other information roles, such as%MF

9) display equipment item level (Item Level)

10) the same computer can run any number of games

11) increase the storage box size 10x10

12) to modify the file path

13) modify the main menu display version number text

14) always display the number in Life and Mana on the ball

15) the game can be read by MS Excel The edited file

16 support for English, French, German)


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